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Effect of a collaborative care model on anxiety symptoms among patients with depression and diabetes in India: The INDEPENDENT randomized clinical trial

by Christopher G Kemp; Leslie Johnson; Rajesh Sagar; Subramani Poongothai; Nikhil Tandon; Ranjit Mohan Anjana; Sosale Aravind; Gumpeny R Sridhar; Shivani Patel; Karl Emmert-Fees; Deepa Rao; K M V Narayan; Viswanathan Mohan; Mohammed Ali; Lydia A Chwastiak



Subjective social status is associated with happiness but not weight status or psychological distress: An analysis of three prospective birth cohorts from low- and middle-income countries

by Jithin S Varghese; Rachel W Hall; Linda S Adair; Shivani Patel; Reynaldo Martorell; Delia E Belleza; Maria F Kroker-Lobos; Nanette R Lee; Lukhanyo H Nyati; Manuel Ramirez-Zea; Linda M Richter; Aryeh Stein



The role of age inequalities in cause of death in the slow pace of epidemiological transition in India

by Surryakant Yadav; Arokoasamy Perianayagam; Shivani Patel; Solveig Argeseanu Cunningham



Anxiety and depression among adult tobacco users during the COVID-19 restrictions in India

by Shalini Bassi; Gaurang P Nazar; Nishigandha Joshi; Nitika Sharma; Aishwarya Pandian; Mohan Deepa; Sailesh Mohan; Shivani Patel; Mohammed Ali; Ann McNeill; Nikhil Tandon; Viswanathan Mohan; Dorairaj Prabhakaran; Monika Arora



Implementation outcomes and strategies for delivering evidence-based hypertension interventions in lower-middle-income countries: Evidence from a multi-country consortium for hypertension control

by Shivani Patel; J Gyamfi; J Iwelunmor; V Irazola; A Aifah; A Rakhra; M Butler; R Vedanthan; GN Hoang; M Nyambura; H Nguyen; C Nguyen; KP Asante; S Nyame; K Adjei; J Amoah; K Apusiga; KGA Adjei; M Ramierz-Zea; D Hernandez; M Fort; H Sharma; P Jarhyan; E Peprah; G Ogedegbe