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COVID-19 and transplantation-Data censoring

by Vijay Subramanian; Christopher Anderson; Seth Karp; Stephen Pastan; David Gerber; Jayme Locke; Ari Cohen; Malay Shah; Vincent Casingal; Robert Strata; Neeraj Singh; Derek DuBay; Kiran Dhanireddy



Association of sociocultural factors with initiation of the kidney transplant evaluation process

by Stephen Pastan; Kimberly Jacob Arriola; Rachel Patzer; Laura Plantinga; RE Hamoda; LJ McPherson; K Lipford; KJ Arriola; JC Gander; E Hartmann; L Mulloy; CF Zayas; KN Lee



Decisional conflict between treatment options among end-stage renal disease patients evaluated for kidney transplantation

by Stephen Pastan; Rachel Patzer; L McPherson; M Basu; J Gander; S Mohan; MS Wolf; M Chiles; A Russell; K Lipford



Improving Access to Kidney Transplantation: Perspectives From Dialysis and Transplant Staff in the Southeastern United States

by Teri Browne; Laura McPherson; Samantha Retzloff; Amandha Darius; Adam Wilk; Alexandra Cruz; Shannon Wright; Stephen Pastan; Jennifer C Gander; Alexander A Berlin; Rachel Patzer



Human Adenovirus 11 in 2 Renal Transplant Recipients: Suspected Donor-Derived Infection

by Amy C Sherman; Xiaoyan Lu; Eileen Schneider; Amelia Langston; Carla L Ellis; Stephen Pastan; Julu Bhatnagar; Sarah Reagan-Steiner; Pallavi Annambhotla; Stephen Lindstrom; Aneesh Mehta; Stephanie Pouch; Marybeth Sexton