Saad B Omer MBBS/MPH/PhD

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SPH: Global Health

School Of Public Health

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Mandatory Vaccination in Europe

by Olivia M. Vaz; Mallory K. Ellingson; Paul Weiss; Samuel Jenness; Azucena Bardaji; Robert Bednarczyk; Saad Omer



Enhancing uptake of influenza maternal vaccine

by Mallory K. Ellingson; Matthew Z. Dudley; Rupali J. Limaye; Daniel A. Salmon; Sean T. O'Leary; Saad Omer



Associations of Statewide Legislative and Administrative Interventions With Vaccination Status Among Kindergartners in California

by S. Cassandra Pingali; Paul L. Delamater; Alison M. Buttenheim; Daniel A. Salmon; Nicola P. Klein; Saad Omer



A systematic review of ethical issues in vaccine studies involving pregnant women

by Jennifer A. Beeler; Philipp Lambach; T. Roice Fulton; Divya Narayanan; Justin R. Ortiz; Saad Omer



Development of a US trust measure to assess and monitor parental confidence in the vaccine system

by Paula Frew; Paula M. Murden; Christina Mehta; Allison T. Chamberlain; Alan Hinman; Glen Nowak; Judith Mendel; Ann Aikin; Laura A. Randall; Allison L. Hargreaves; Saad Omer; Walter Orenstein; Robert Bednarczyk



Delivering a "dose of hope": a faith-based program to increase older african americans' participation in clinical trials.

by Paula Frew; Saad Omer; Kimberly Parker; Marcus Bolton; Jay Schamel; Eve Shapiro; Lauren Owens; Diane Saint-Victor; Sahithi Boggavarapu; Nikia Braxton; Matthew Archibald ; Ameeta Kalokhe; Takeia Horton; Christin M Root; Vincent L Fenimore; Aaron Anderson



Patient and provider perspectives on how trust influences maternal vaccine acceptance among pregnant women in Kenya

by Stacy W. Nganga; Nancy A. Otieno; Maxwell Adero; Dominic Ouma; Sandra S. Chaves; Jennifer Verani; Marc-Alain Widdowson; Andrew Wilson; Irina Bergenfeld; Courtni Andrews; Vincent L. Fenimore; Ines Gonzalez Casanova; Paula Frew; Saad Omer; Fauzia Malik