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Compact and blinking-suppressed quantum dots for single-particle tracking in live cells

by Lucas A. Lane; Andrew M. Smith; Tianquan Lian; Shuming Nie



Intraoperative Near-Infrared Imaging of Surgical Wounds after Tumor Resections Can Detect Residual Disease

by Brian Madajewski; Brendan F. Judy; Anas Mouchli; Veena Kapoor; David Holt; Dongmei Wang; Shuming Nie; Sunil Singhal



An open label trial of folate receptor-targeted intraoperative molecular imaging to localize pulmonary squamous cell carcinomas

by Jarrod Predina; Andrew Newton; Leilei Xia; Christopher Corbett; Courtney Connolly; Michael Shin; Lydia Frezel Sulyok; Leslie Litzky; Charuhas Deshpande; Shuming Nie; Shuming Kularatne; Phillip Low; Sunil Singhal