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SOM: Medicine: Nephrology

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Pendrin protein abundance in the kidney is regulated by nitric oxide and cAMP

by Monika Thumova; Vladimir Pech; Otto Froehlich; Diana Agazatian; Xiaonan Wang; Jill W. Verlander; Young Hee Kim; Susan M. Wall



Integrated compensatory network is activated in the absence of NCC phosphorylation

by P. Richard Grimm; Yoskaly Lazo-Fernandez; Eric Delpire; Susan Wall; Susan G. Dorsey; Edward J. Weinman; Richard Coleman; James B. Wade; Paul A. Welling



Role of pendrin in iodide balance: going with the flow

by Young Hee Kim; Truyen D. Pham; Wencui Zheng; Seongun Hong; Christine Baylis; Vladimir Pech; William H. Beierwaltes; Donna B. Farley; Lewis E. Braverman; Jill W. Verlander; Susan M. Wall



ENaC inhibition stimulates Cl− secretion in the mouse cortical collecting duct through an NKCC1-dependent mechanism

by Vladimir Pech; Monika Thumova; Young Hee Kim; Diana Agazatian; Edith Hummler; Bernard C. Rossier; Alan M. Weinstein; Masayoshi Nanami; Susan M. Wall



Macrophage invasion contributes to degeneration of stria vascularis in Pendred syndrome mouse model

by Sairam V Jabba; Alisha Oelke; Ruchira Singh; Rajanikanth J Maganti; Sherry Fleming; Susan M Wall; Lorraine A Everett; Eric D Green; Philine Wangemann



Loss of KCNJ10 protein expression abolishes endocochlear potential and causes deafness in Pendred syndrome mouse model

by Philine Wangemann; Erin M Itza; Beatrice Albrecht; Tao Wu; Sairam V Jabba; Rajanikanth J Maganti; Jun Ho Lee; Lorraine A Everett; Susan M Wall; Ines E Royaux; Eric D Green; Daniel C Marcus



Pendrin Modulates ENaC Function by Changing Luminal HCO3−

by Vladimir Pech; Truyen D. Pham; Seongun Hong; Alan M. Weinstein; Kathryn B. Spencer; Billy Jean Duke; Eric Walp; Young Hee Kim; Roy Sutliff; Hui-Fang Bao; Douglas C Eaton; Susan M Wall