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Biomarker quantification by multiplexed quantum dot technology for predicting lymph node metastasis and prognosis in head and neck cancer

by Zhongliang Hu; Guoqing Qian; Susan Muller; Jing Xu; Nabil Saba; Sungjin Kim; Ning Jiang; Dongsheng Wang; Hongzheng Zhang; Kristin Lane; Clifford Hoyt; Dong Shin; Georgia Chen



Recognition of nonkeratinizing morphology in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma - a prospective cohort and interobserver variability study

by James S Lewis; Raja A Khan; Ramya P Masand; Rebecca D Chernock; Qin Zhang; Nasser Said Al-Naief; Susan Muller; Jonathan B McHugh; Manju L Prasad; Margaret Brandwein-Gensler; Bayardo Perez-Ordonez; Samir K El-Mofty



Framework for hyperspectral image processing and quantification for cancer detection during animal tumor surgery

by Guolan Lu; Dongsheng Wang; Xulei Qin; Luma Halig; Susan Muller; Hongzheng Zhang; Amy Chen; Brian W. Pogue; Zhuo Georgia Chen; Baowei Fei



EPLIN Downregulation Promotes Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Prostate Cancer Cells and Correlates With Clinical Lymph Node Metastasis

by Shumin Zhang; Xu Wang; Adeboye O. Osunkoya; Shareen Iqbal; Zhuo Chen; Sajni Josson; Ilsa M. Coleman; Peter S. Nelson; Yongqiang A. Wang; Ruoxiang Wang; Dong M Shin; Fray F. Marshall; Omer Kucuk; Leland W. K. Chung; Haiyen E. Zhau; Daqing Wu; Susan Muller; Zhengjia Chen



Prognostic implications of peritumoral vasculature in head and neck cancer

by Michael Evans; Harry Baddour Jr; Kelly R. Magliocca; Susan Muller; Sreenivas Nannapaneni; Amy Chen; Sunjin Kim; Zhengjia Chen; Dong Shin; Andrew Y. Wang; Nabil Saba; Zhuo G. Chen



Radiation Fibrosis of the Vocal Fold: From Man to Mouse

by Michael M Johns; Vasantha Kolachala; Eric Berg; Susan Muller; Frances X. Creighton; Ryan C. Branski