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SOMPI: HemThrom

Emory+Children's Ped Institute

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Reduced bone formation in males and increased bone resorption in females drive bone loss in hemophilia A mice

by M. Neale Weitzmann; Susanne Roser-Page; Tatyana Vikulina; Daiana Weiss; Li Hao; W. Hunter Baldwin; Kanglun Yu; Natalia del Mazo Arbona; Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence; Shannon Meeks; Christine Kempton



Enhancing the pharmaceutical properties of protein drugs by ancestral sequence reconstruction

by Philip M. Zakas; Harrison C. Brown; Kristopher Knight; Shannon Meeks; Harold Spencer; Eric A. Gaucher; Christopher Doering



The 1.7 angstrom X-Ray Crystal Structure of the Porcine Factor VIII C2 Domain and Binding Analysis to Anti-Human C2 Domain Antibodies and Phospholipid Surfaces

by Caileen M. Brison; Steven M. Mullen; Michelle E. Wuerth; Kira Podolsky; Matthew Cook; Jacob A. Herman; Justin D. Walter; Shannon Meeks; P. Clint Spiegel



A microengineered vascularized bleeding model that integrates the principal components of hemostasis

by Yumiko Sakurai; Elaissa T. Hardy; Byungwook Ahn; Reginald Tran; Meredith E. Fay; Jordan C. Ciciliano; Robert G. Mannino; David R Myers; Yongzhi Qiu; Marcus A. Carden; W. Hunter Baldwin; Shannon L. Meeks; Gary E. Gilbert; Shawn M. Jobe; Wilbur Lam



Characterization of a genetically engineered mouse model of hemophilia A with complete deletion of the F8 gene

by Brittany N. Chao; Wallace H. Baldwin; John F. Healey; Ernest T. Parker; Kimberly Shafer-Weaver; Courtney Cox; Ping Jiang; Chrysi Kanellopoulou; John Lollar; Shannon Meeks; Michael J. Lenardo



Characterization and Solution Structure of the Factor VIII C2 Domain in a Ternary Complex with Classical and Non-classical Inhibitor Antibodies

by Justin D. Walter; Rachel A. Werther; Maria S. Polozova; Julie Pohlman; John F. Healey; John Lollar; Shannon Meeks; P. Clint Spiegel