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Eptacog beta efficacy and safety in the treatment and control of bleeding in paediatric subjects (< 12 years) with haemophilia A or B with inhibitors

by Steven W Pipe; Cédric Hermans; Meera Chitlur; Manuel Carcao; Giancarlo Castaman; Joanna A Davis; Jonathan Ducore; Miguel Escobar; Janna Journeycake; Osman Khan; Johnny Mahlangu; Shannon Meeks; Ismail H Mitha; Claude Négrier; Ulrike Nowak‐Göttl; Michael Recht; Tammuella Chrisentery-Singleton; Oleksandra Stasyshyn; Kateryna V Vilchevska; Laura Villarreal Martinez; Michael Wang; Jerzy Windyga; Guy Young; Allan W Alexander; Daniel Bonzo; Christopher Macie; Ian S Mitchell; Evelyne Sauty; Thomas A Wilkinson; Amy D Shapiro



Engineering a Therapeutic Protein to Enhance the Study of Anti-Drug Immunity

by Patricia Zerra; Ernest T Parker; Wallace H Baldwin; John F Healey; Seema Patel; James W McCoy; Courtney Cox; Sean Stowell; Shannon Meeks



Qualification of Hemophilia Treatment Centers to Enable Multi-Center Studies of Gene Expression Signatures in Blood Cells from Pediatric Patients

by Shannon Meeks; BM Reipert; CJ Hofbauer; B Gangadharan; V Berg; E Donnachie; ME Mancuso; J Bowen; DL Brown



Recombinant porcine factor VIII corrects thrombin generation in vitro in plasma from patients with congenital hemophilia A and inhibitors

by Claude Négrier; Johannes Oldenburg; Gili Kenet; Shannon Meeks; Jean-Claude Bordet; Jens Müller; Sandra Le Quellec; Peter L Turecek; Nikola Tripkovic; Yesim Dargaud



Enhancing the pharmaceutical properties of protein drugs by ancestral sequence reconstruction

by Philip M. Zakas; Harrison C. Brown; Kristopher Knight; Shannon Meeks; Harold Spencer; Eric A. Gaucher; Christopher Doering



B cell–activating factor modulates the factor VIII immune response in hemophilia A

by Bhavya S. Doshi; Jyoti Rana; Giancarlo Castaman; Mostafa A. Shaheen; Radoslaw Kaczmarek; John S. S. Butterfield; Shannon Meeks; Cindy Leissinger; Moanaro Biswas; Valder R. Arruda



Neutralizing Antibodies Against Factor VIII Can Occur Through a Non-Germinal Center Pathway

by Seema Patel; Taran S Lundgren; Wallace H Baldwin; Courtney Cox; Ernest T Parker; John F Healey; Ryan P Jajosky; Patricia Zerra; Cassandra Josephson; Christopher Doering; Sean Stowell; Shannon Meeks



The 1.7 angstrom X-Ray Crystal Structure of the Porcine Factor VIII C2 Domain and Binding Analysis to Anti-Human C2 Domain Antibodies and Phospholipid Surfaces

by Caileen M. Brison; Steven M. Mullen; Michelle E. Wuerth; Kira Podolsky; Matthew Cook; Jacob A. Herman; Justin D. Walter; Shannon Meeks; P. Clint Spiegel