Susan Margulies


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Non-header impact exposure and kinematics of male youth soccer players

by Declan A Patton; Colin M Huber; Susan Margulies; Christina L Master; Kristy B Arbogast



Head Impact Sensor Studies In Sports: A Systematic Review Of Exposure Confirmation Methods

by Susan Margulies; DA Patton; CM Huber; D Jain; RK Myers; CC McDonald; CL Master; KB Arbogast



Pupillary Light Response Deficits in 4-Week-Old Piglets and Adolescent Children after Low-Velocity Head Rotations and Sports-Related Concussions

by Susan Margulies; A Oeur; M Mull; G Riccobono; KBB Arbogast; KJJ Ciuffreda; N Joshi; D Fedonni; CLL Master



Learning Environments and Evidence-Based Practices in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering.

by Kristen Billiar; Donald P Gaver, III; Kenneth Barbee; Anita Singh; John D DesJardins; Beth Pruitt; Joe Tranquillo; Gleen Gaudette; Beth Winkelstein; Lee Makowski; Jennifer R Amos; Ann Saterbak; Joe LeDoux; Brian Helmke; Michele Grimm; Paul Benkeser; LeAnn D Segan; Bryan Pfister; David Meaney; Treena Arinzeh; Susan Margulies



Variations in Head Impact Rates in Male and Female High School Soccer

by Colin M Huber; Declan A Patton; Divya Jain; Christina L Master; Susan Margulies; Catherine C Mcdonald; Kristy B Arbogast



Assessment of Saccades and Gaze Stability in the Diagnosis of Pediatric Concussion

by Eileen P Storey; Daniel J Corwin; Catherine C McDonald; Kristy B Arbogast; Kristina B Metzger; Melissa R Pfeiffer; Susan Margulies; Matthew F Grady; Christina L Master



Sport- and Gender-Based Differences in Head Impact Exposure and Mechanism in High School Sports

by Colin M Huber; Declan A Patton; Catherine C McDonald; Divya Jain; Katherine Simms; Valerie A Lallo; Susan Margulies; Christina L Master; Kristy B Arbogast