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SOM: Peds: Infectious Disease

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Identification of Residues in the Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Fusion Protein That Modulate Fusion Activity and Pathogenesis

by Anne L. Hotard; Sujin Lee; Michael G. Currier; James E. Crew. Jr.; Kaori Sakamoto; Dawn C. Newcomb; R.Stokes Peebles.Jr.; Richard Plemper; Martin Moore



Vaccine-Elicited CD8+ T Cells Protect against Respiratory Syncytial Virus Strain A2-Line19F-Induced Pathogenesis in BALB/c Mice

by Sujin Lee; Kate L. Stokes; Michael G. Currier; Kaori Sakamoto; Nicholas W. Lukacs; Esteban Celis; Martin L Moore



Differential Pathogenesis of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Clinical Isolates in BALB/c Mice▿

by Kate L. Stokes; Michael H. Chi; Kaori Sakamoto; Dawn C. Newcomb; Michael G. Currier; Matthew M. Huckabee; Sujin Lee; Kasia Goleniewska; Carla Pretto; John V. Williams; Anne Hotard; Taylor P. Sherrill; R. Stokes Peebles; Martin L Moore



Maternal antibodies by passive immunization with formalin inactivated respiratory syncytial virus confer protection without vaccine-enhanced disease

by Young-Man Kwon; Hye Suk Hwang; Jong-Seok Lee; Eun-Ju Ko; Si-Eun Yoo; Min-Chul Kim; Ki-Hye Kim; Yu-Hye Lee; Jae-Min Song; Sujin Lee; Martin Moore; Sang-Moo Kang



EGFR Interacts with the Fusion Protein of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Strain 2-20 and Mediates Infection and Mucin Expression

by Michael G. Currier; Sujin Lee; Christopher C. Stobart; Anne L. Hotard; Remi Villenave; Jia Meng; Carla D. Pretto; Michael D. Shields; Minh Trang Nguyen; Sean O. Todd; Michael H. Chi; Jason Hammonds; Stefanie A. Krumm; Paul Spearman; Richard Plemper; Kaori Sakamoto; R. Stokes Peebles, Jr.; Ultan F. Power; Martin Moore



An adjuvanted respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein induces protection in aged BALB/c mice

by Anu Cherukuri; Kate L. Stokes; Kathryn Patton; Howard Kuo; Kaori Sakamoto; Stacie Lambert; Elizabeth Stillman; Martin L Moore; Sujin Lee



A live RSV vaccine with engineered thermostability is immunogenic in cotton rats despite high attenuation

by Christopher C. Stobart; Christina Rostad; Zunlong Ke; Rebecca S. Dillard; Cheri M. Hampton; Joshua D. Strauss; Hong Yi; Anne L. Hotard; Jia Meng; Raymond J. Pickles; Kaori Sakamoto; Sujin Lee; Michael G. Currier; Syed M. Moin; Barney S. Graham; Marina S. Boukhvalova; Brian E. Gilbert; Jorge C.G. Blanco; Pedro A. Piedra; Elizabeth Wright; Martin Moore