Shilpa Krishnan


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Stroke Survivor and Caregiver Perspectives on Post-Stroke Visual Concerns and Long-Term Consequences

by Theresa M. Smith; Monique R. Pappadis; Shilpa Krishnan; Timothy A. Reistetter



Inconsistent Classification of Mild Stroke and Implications on Health Services Delivery

by Pamela S. Roberts; Shilpa Krishnan; Suzanne Burns; Debra Ouellette; Monique R. Pappadis



Stroke Survivors' Perspectives on Post-Acute Rehabilitation Options, Goals, Satisfaction, and Transition to Home

by Shilpa Krishnan; Catherine C. Hay; Monique R. Pappadis; Anne Deutsch; Timothy A. Reistetter



Preferences for Communicating about Breast Cancer Screening Among Racially/Ethnically Diverse Older Women

by Diana S. Hoover; Monique R. Pappadis; Ashley J. Housten; Shilpa Krishnan; Susan C. Weller; Sharon H. Giordano; Therese B. Bevers; James S. Goodwin; Robert J. Volk



A Computational, Tissue-Realistic Model of Pressure Ulcer Formation in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

by Cordelia Ziraldo; Alexey Solovyev; Ana Allegretti; Shilpa Krishnan; M. Kristi Henzel; Gwendolyn A. Sowa; David Brienza; Gary An; Qi Mi; Yoram Vodovotz



Exercise interventions for older adults with Alzheimer's disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol

by Julie M. Faieta; Hannes Devos; Prasanna Vaduvathiriyan; Michele K. York; Kirk I. Erickson; Mark A. Hirsch; Brian G. Downer; Erwin E. H. van Wegen; Diana C. Wong; Elena Philippou; Ahmed Negm; Pedram Ahmadnezhad; Shilpa Krishnan; Melike Kahya; Pallavi Sood; Patricia C. Heyn



Perceptions of overdetection of breast cancer among women 70 years of age and older in the USA: a mixed-methods analysis

by Monique R. Pappadis; Robert J. Volk; Shilpa Krishnan; Susan C. Weller; Elizabeth Jaramillo; Diana Stewart Hoover; Sharon H. Giordano; Alai Tan; Kristin M. Sheffield; Ashley J. Housten; James S. Goodwin



Impact of Multiple Chronic Conditions on Activity Limitations Among Older Mexican-American Care Recipients

by Diane M. Collins; Brian Downer; Amit Kumar; Shilpa Krishnan; Chih-ying Li; Kyriakos S. Markides; Amol M. Karmarkar