Sushma K Cribbs MD, MSc


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Rare Elizabethkingia meningosepticum meningitis case in an immunocompetent adult

by Salim S. Hayek; Thura T. Abd; Sushma K Cribbs; Albert M L Anderson; Andre Melendez; Miwako Kobayashi; Carmen Polito; Yun F (Wayne) Wang



Body mass index is associated with reduced exhaled nitric oxide and higher exhaled 8-isoprostanes in asthmatics

by Sushma Cribbs; Sumita Khatri; Joel Mermis; Samira Savill; Shireen Haque; Mauricio Rojas; Lou Brown; Gerald W Teague; Fernando Holguin



Correlation of the lung microbiota with metabolic profiles in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in HIV infection

by Sushma Cribbs; Karan Uppal; Shuzhao Li; Dean Jones; Alison Morris; Laurence Huang; Laura Tipton; Adam Fitch; Ruth M. Greenblatt; Lawrence Kingsley; David Guidot; Elodie Ghedin