Sookyong Koh

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Phone: 404-727-4100


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SOMPI: Neurology

Emory+Children's Ped Institute

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Why West? Comparisons of clinical, genetic and molecular features of infants with and without spasms

by Anne T. Berg; Samya Chakravorty; Sookyong Koh; Zachary M. Grinspan; Renee A. Shellhaas; Russell P. Saneto; Elaine C. Wirrell; Jason Coryell Coryell; Catherine J. Chu; John R. Mytinger; William D. Gaillard; Ignacio Valencia; Kelly G. Kriupp; Tobias Loddenkemper; Joseph E. Sullivan; Annapurna Poduri; John J. Millichap; Cynthia Keator; Courtney Wusthoff; Nicole Ryan; William B. Dobyns; Madhuri Hegde



Enhanced susceptibility to stress and seizures in GAD65 deficient mice

by Jin Qi; Minjung Kim; Russell Sanchez; Saba M. Ziaee; Jhumku D. Kohtz; Sookyong Koh



Neuroinflammatory targets and treatments for epilepsy validated in experimental models

by Eleonora Aronica; Sebastian Bauer; Yuri Bozzi; Matteo Caleo; Raymond J Dingledine; Jan A. Gorter; David C. Henshall; Daniela Kaufer; Sookyong Koh; Wolfgang Loescher; Jean-Pierre Louboutin; Michele Mishto; Braxton A. Norwood; Eleonora Palma; Michael O. Poulter; Gaetano Terrone; Annamaria Vezzani; Rafal M. Kaminski