Shella D Keilholz PhD


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Animal Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Trends and Path Toward Standardization

by Francesca Mandino; Domenic H. Cerri; Clement M. Garin; Milou Straathof; Geralda A. F. van Tilborg; M. Mallar Chakravarty; Marc Dhenain; Rick M. Dijkhuizen; Alessandro Gozzi; Andreas Hess; Shella Keilholz; Jason P. Lerch; Yen-Yu Ian Shih; Joanes Grandjean



Short-Time Windows of Correlation Between Large-Scale Functional Brain Networks Predict Vigilance Intraindividually and Interindividually

by Garth John Thompson; Matthew Evan Magnuson; Michael Donelyn Merritt; Hillary Schwarb; Wenju Pan; Andrew McKinley; Lloyd D. Tripp; Eric H. Schumacher; Shella Keilholz



Contribution of animal models toward understanding resting state functional connectivity

by Shella Keilholz; Wenju Pan; P Pais-Roldan; C Mateo; B Acland; D Kleinfeld; LH Snyder; X Yu



Functional Connectivity of the Brain Across Rodents and Humans

by Shella Keilholz; Wenju Pan; N Xu; TJ LaGrow; N Anumba; A Lee; X Zhang; B Yousefi; Y Bassil; GP Clavijo; V Khalilzad Sharghi; E Maltbie; L Meyer-Baese; M Nezafati



Comparison of alpha-chloralose, medetomidine and isoflurane anesthesia for functional connectivity mapping in the rat

by Kathleen A. Williams; Matthew Magnuson; Wagas Majeed; Stephen M. LaConte; Scott J. Peltier; Xiaoping Hu; Shella Keilholz