Shella D Keilholz PhD

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Disentangling Multispectral Functional Connectivity With Wavelets

by Jacob C.W. Billings; Garth J. Thompson; Wenju Pan; Matthew E. Magnuson; Alessio Medda; Shella Keilholz



Questions and controversies in the study of time-varying functional connectivity in resting fMRI.

by Shella Keilholz; DJ Lurie; D Kessler; DS Bassett; RF Betzel; M Breakspear; S Kheilholz; A Kucyi; R Liégeois; MA Lindquist; AR McIntosh; RA Poldrack; JM Shine; WH Thompson; NZ Bielczyk; L Douw; D Kraft; RL Miller; M Muthuraman; L Pasquini; A Razi; D Vidaurre; H Xie; VD Calhoun