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Egocentric sexual networks of men who have sex with men in the United States: Results from the ARTnet study

by Kevin M. Weiss; Steven M. Goodreau; Martina Morris; Pragati Prasad; Ramya Ramaraju; Travis Sanchez; Samuel Jenness



Proportion of Incident Human Immunodeficiency Virus Cases Among Men Who Have Sex With Men Attributable to Gonorrhea and Chlamydia: A Modeling Analysis.

by Jeb Jones; Kevin Weiss; Jonathan Mermin; Patricia Dietz; Eli S. Rosenberg; Thomas L. Gift; Harrell Chesson; Patrick Sullivan; Cynthia Lyles; Kyle Bernstein; Samuel Jenness



An electronic pre-exposure prophylaxis initiation and maintenance home care system for nonurban young men who have sex with men: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial

by Aaron Siegler; James B. Brock; Christopher B. Hurt; Lauren Ahlschlager; Karen Dominguez; Colleen Kelley; Samuel Jenness; Gretchen Wilde; Samuel B. Jameson; Gina Bailey-Herring; Leandro A. Mena



Temporal Variation in One- Time Partnership Rates Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men and Transgender Women

by Samuel Jenness; P Janulis; SM Goodreau; M Birkett; GP Ii; M Morris; B Mustanski