Sheryl Heron MD/MPH


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Healthcare outcome disparities in trauma care

by Omar K. Danner; L Ray Matthews; Kenneth L. Wilson ; Sheryl L Heron



#MeToo in EM: A Multicenter Survey of Academic Emergency Medicine Faculty on Their Experiences with Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

by Dave W. Lu; Michelle Lall; Jennifer Mitzman; Sheryl Heron; Ava Pierce; Nicholas D. Hartman; Danielle M. McCarthy; Joshua Jauregui; Tania D. Strout



Benefit of a tiered-trauma activation system to triage dead-on-arrival patients

by Omar K. Danner; Kenneth L. Wilson; Sheryl Heron; Yusuf Ahmed; Travelyan M. Walker; Debra Houry; Leon Haley Jr; Leslie Ray Matthews



Academic Emergency Medicine Faculty Experiences with Racial and Sexual Orientation Discrimination

by Dave W. Lu; Ava Pierce; Joshua Jauregui; Sheryl Heron; Michelle Lall; Jennifer Mitzman; Danielle M. McCarthy; Nicholas D. Hartman; Tania D. Strout



Strategies for coping with stress in emergency medicine: Early education is vital

by Gillian R. Schmitz; Mark Clark; Sheryl L Heron; Tracy Sanson; Gloria Kuhn; Christina Bourne; Todd Guth; Mitch Cordover; Justin Coomes