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ECAS: Psychology

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Reliability of functional magnetic resonance imaging activation during working memory in a multi-site study: Analysis from the North American Prodrome Longitudinal Study

by Jennifer K. Forsyth; Sarah C. McEwen; Dylan G. Gee; Carrie E. Bearden; Jean Addington; Brad Goodyear; Kritin S. Cadenhead; Heline Mirzakhanian; Barbara A. Cornblatt; Doreen M. Olvet; Daniel H. Mathalon; Thomas H. McGlashan; Diana O. Perkins; Aysenil Belger; Larry J. Seidman; Heidi W. Thermenos; Ming T. Tsuang; Theo G. M. van Erp; Elaine Walker; Stephan Hamann; Scott W. Woods; Maolin Qiu; Tyrone D. Cannon



Potential effects of severe bilateral amygdala damage on psychopathic personality features: A case report

by Scott O Lilienfeld; Katheryn C. Sauvigné; Justin Reber; Ashley L. Watts; Stephan Hamann; Sarah Francis Smith; Christopher J. Patrick; Shauna M. Bowes; Daniel Tranel



Distributed Neural Processing Predictors of Multi-dimensional Properties of Affect

by Keith A. Bush; Cory S. Inman; Stephan Hamann; Clinton D. Kilts; G. Andrew James