Sanjeev Gumber BVSc, MVSc, PhD

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YRK: Pathology Research

Yerkes National Primate Resear

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Development of rectal enema as microbicide (DREAM): Preclinical progressive selection of a tenofovir prodrug enema

by Francois Villinger; Sanjeev Gumber; H Thuy; AA Date; JO Ortiz; T-W Young; S Bensouda; P Xiao; M Marzinke; L Rohan; EJ Fuchs; C Hendrix; RA Cone; J Hanes; LM Ensign



Interleukin-21 combined with ART reduces inflammation and viral reservoir in SIV-infected macaques

by Luca Micci; Emily S. Ryan; Rémi Fromentin; Steven Bosinger; Justin L. Harper; Tianyu He; Sara Paganini; Kirk Easley; Ann Chahroudi; Clarisse Benne; Sanjeev Gumber; Colleen S. McGary; Kenneth A. Rogers; Claire Deleage; Carissa Lucero; Siddappa Byrareddy; Cristian Apetrei; Jacob D. Estes; Jeffrey D. Lifson; Michael Piatak, Jr.; Nicolas Chomont; Francois Villinger; Guido Silvestri; Jason M. Brenchley; Mirko Paiardini



The Knife’s Edge of Tolerance: Inducing Stable Multilineage Mixed Chimerism But With A Significant Risk of CMV Reactivation and Disease in Rhesus Macaques

by Hengqi (Betty) Zheng; Benjamin Watkins; Victor Tkachev; Shan Yu; Dollnovan Tran; Scott Furlan; Katie Zeleski; Karnail Singh; Kelly Hamby; Charlotte Hotchkiss; Jennifer Lane; Sanjeev Gumber; Andrew Adams; Linda Cendales; Allan D Kirk; Amitinder Kaur; Bruce R. Blazar; Christian P Larsen; Leslie S. Kean



FDC:TFH Interactions within Cervical Lymph Nodes of SIV-Infected Rhesus Macaques

by Rajnish S. Dave; Ravi K. Sharma; Roshell R. Muir; Elias Haddad; Sanjeev Gumber; Francois Villinger; Artinder P. Nehra; Zafar K. Khan; Brian Wigdahl; Aftab A Ansari; Siddappa N. Byrareddy; Pooja Jain



Experimental transfusion-induced Babesia microti infection: dynamics of parasitemia and immune responses in a rhesus macaque model

by Sanjeev Gumber; Fernanda S Nascimento; Kenneth A Rogers; Henry S Bishop; Hilda N Rivera; Maniphet V Xayavong; Sushil G Devare; Gerald Schochetman; Praveen K Amancha; Yvonne Qvarnstrom; Patricia P Wilkins; Francois Villinger



Direct Probing of Germinal Center Responses Reveals Immunological Features and Bottlenecks for Neutralizing Antibody Responses to HIV Env Trimer

by Colin Havenar-Daughton; Diane G. Carnathan; Alba Torrents de la Peña; Matthias Pauthner; Bryan Briney; Samantha M. Reiss; Jennifer S Wood; Kirti Kaushik; Marit J. van Gils; Sandy Rosales; Patricia van der Woude; Michela Locci; Khoa M. Le; Steven W. de Taeye; Devin Sok; Ata Ur Rasheed Mohammed; Jessica Huang; Sanjeev Gumber; Anapatricia Garcia; Sudhir Kasturi; Bali Pulendran; John P. Moore; Rafi Ahmed; Grégory Seumois; Dennis R. Burton; Rogier W. Sanders; Guido Silvestri; Shane Crotty