Sandra M. Garraway


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Maladaptive spinal plasticity opposes spinal learning and recovery in spinal cord injury

by Adam R. Ferguson; J. Russell Huie; Eric D. Crown; Kyle M. Baumbauer; Michelle A. Hook; Sandra M. Garraway; Kuan H. Lee; Kevin C. Hoy; James W. Grau



Acute spinal cord injury (SCI) transforms how GABA affects nociceptive sensitization

by Yung-Jen Huang; Kuan H. Lee; Lauren Murphy; Sandra M. Garraway; James W. Grau



Sodium bicarbonate cotransporter NBCn1/Slc4a7 affects locomotor activity and hearing in mice

by Inyeong Choi; Kristian Beedholm; Vibeke S. Dam; Seong-Ho Bae; Donald Noble; Sandra Garraway; Christian Aalkjaer; Ebbe Boedtkjer



Organization of Sensory Input to the Nociceptive-Specific Cutaneous Trunk Muscle Reflex in Rat, an Effective Experimental System for Examining Nociception and Plasticity

by Jeffrey C. Petruska; Darrel F. Barker; Sandra M. Garraway; Robert Trainer; James W. Fransen; Peggy A. Seidman; Roy G. Soto; Lorne M. Mendell; Richard D. Johnson



Pain input after spinal cord injury (SCI) undermines long-term recovery and engages signal pathways that promote cell death

by Joel D. Turtle; Misty M. Strain; Joshua A. Reynolds; Yung-Jen Huang; Kuan H. Lee; Melissa K. Henwood; Sandra M. Garraway; James W. Grau



Metaplasticity and behavior: how training and inflammation affect plastic potential within the spinal cord and recovery after injury

by James W. Grau; J. Russell Huie; Kuan H. Lee; Kevin C. Hoy; Yung-Jen Huang; Joel D. Turtle; Misty M. Strain; Kyle M. Baumbauer; Rajesh M. Miranda; Michelle A. Hook; Adam R. Ferguson; Sandra Garraway