Shivaprakash Gangappa DVM/PhD


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Quinazolin-derived myeloperoxidase inhibitor suppresses influenza A virus-induced reactive oxygen species, pro-inflammatory mediators and improves cell survival

by Juan A De la Cruz; Thota Ganesh; Becky Diebold; Weiping Cao; Amelia Hofstetter; Neetu Singh; Amrita Kumar; James McCoy; Priya Ranjan; Susan ME Smith; Suryaprakash Sambhara; John Lambeth; Shivaprakash Gangappa



mTOR regulates memory CD8 T-cell differentiation

by Koichi Araki; Alexandra P. Turner; Virginia Shaffer; Shivaprakash Gangappa; Susanne A. Keller; Martin F. Bachmann; Christian Larsen; Rafi Ahmed



NADPH Oxidase 1 Is Associated with Altered Host Survival and T Cell Phenotypes after Influenza A Virus Infection in Mice

by Amelia R. Hofstetter; Juan A. De La Cruz; Weiping Cao; Jenish Patel; Jessica A. Belser; James McCoy; Justine Liepkalns; Samuel Amoah; Guangjie Cheng; Priya Ranjan; Becky Diebold; Wun-Ju Shieh; Sherif Zaki; Jacqueline Katz; Suryaprakash Sambhara; John Lambeth; Shivaprakash Gangappa



Rapamycin Does Not Impede Survival or Induction of Antibody Responses to Primary and Heterosubtypic Influenza Infections in Mice

by Justine Liepkalns; Aseem Pandey; Amelia R. Hofstetter; Amrita Kumar; Enitra N. Jones; Weiping Cao; Feng Liu; Min Z. Levine; Suryaprakash Sambhara; Shivaprakash Gangappa



RIG-I ligand enhances the immunogenicity of recombinant H7HA protein

by Weiping Cao; Justine Liepkalns; Ram P. Kamal; Adrian J. Reber; Jin Hyang Kim; Amelia R. Hofstetter; Samual Amoah; James Stevens; Priya Ranjan; Shivaprakash Gangappa; Ian A. York; Suryaprakash Sambhara



Nasal delivery of H5N1 avian influenza vaccine formulated with GenJet (TM) or in vivo-jetPEI (R) induces enhanced serological, cellular and protective immune responses

by Weiping Cao; Margarita Mishina; Samuel Amoah; Wadzanai P. Mboko; Caitlin Bohannon; James McCoy; Suresh K. Mittal; Shivaprakash Gangappa; Suryaprakash Sambhara



Kinetics of antibody response to influenza vaccination in renal transplant recipients

by Shivaprakash Gangappa; Jens Wrammert; David Wang; Zhu-Nan Li; Justine S. Liepkalns; Weiping Cao; Jufu Chen; Min Z. Levine; James Stevens; Suryaprakash Sambhara; Beth Begley; Aneesh Mehta; Thomas Pearson; Rafi Ahmed; Christian Larsen