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SOM: Neurology: Movement Disor

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Clinimetric testing of the comprehensive cervical dystonia rating scale

by C. L. Comella; J.S. Perlmutter; Hyder Jinnah; T. A. Waliczek; A. R. Rosen; W. R. Galpern; C. A. Adler; R. L. Barbano; Stewart Factor; C. G. Goetz; J. Jankovic; S. G. Reich; R. L. Rodriguez; W. L. Severt; M. Zurowski; S. H. Fox; G. T. Stebbins



Glutamate Receptor Gene GRIN2A, Coffee, and Parkinson Disease

by Taye H. Hamza; Erin M. Hill-Burns; William K. Scott; Jeffrey M. Vance; Stewart Factor; Cyrus P. Zabetian; Haydeh Payami



Parkinson's Disease and Parkinson's Disease Medications Have Distinct Signatures of the Gut Microbiome

by Erin M. Hill-Burns; Justine W. Debelius; James T. Morton; William T. Wissemann; Matthew R. Lewis; Zachary D. Wallen; Shyamal D. Peddada; Stewart Factor; Eric Molho; Cyrus P. Zabetian; Rob Knight; Haydeh Payami



Non-human primate FOG develops with advanced parkinsonism induced by MPTP Treatment

by Gonzalo J. Revuelta; Subramaniam Uthayathas; Amy E. Wahlquist; Stewart Factor; Stella Papa