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Exposure prediction approaches used in air pollution epidemiology studies: Key findings and future recommendations

by Lisa K. Baxter; Kathie L. Dionisio; Janet Burke; Stefanie Sarnat; Jeremy Sarnat; Natasha Hodas; David Q. Rich; Barbara J. Turpin; Rena R. Jones; Elizabeth Mannshardt; Naresh Kumar; Sean D. Beevers; Halûk Oezkaynak



Estimating Acute Cardiovascular Effects of Ambient PM2.5 Metals

by Dongni Ye; Mitchel Klein; James A. Mulholland; Armistead G. Russell; Rodney Weber; Eric S. Edgerton; Howard Chang; Jeremy Sarnat; Paige Tolbert; Stefanie Ebelt Sarnat



Use of high-resolution metabolomics for the identification of metabolic signals associated with traffic-related air pollution

by Donghai Liang; Jennifer L. Moutinho; Rachel Golan; Tianwei Yu; Chandresh N. Ladva; Megan Niedzwiecki; Douglas Walker; Stefanie Ebelt Sarnat; Howard Chang; Roby Greenwald; Dean P Jones; Armistead G. Russell; Jeremy Sarnat