Frank Brown MD/MBA


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Characteristics and Risk Factors of Hospitalized and Nonhospitalized COVID-19 Patients, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, March-April 2020

by Kristen Pettrone; Eleanor Burnett; Ruth Link-Gelles; Sarah C. Haight; Caroline Schrodt; Lucinda England; Danica J. Gomes; Mays Shamout; Kevin O'Laughlin; Anne Kimball; Erin F. Blau; Chandresh N. Ladva; Christine M. Szablewski; Melissa Tobin-D'Angelo; Nadine Oosmanally; Cherie Drenzek; Sean D. Browning; Beau Bruce; Juliana da Silva; Jeremy A. W. Gold; Brendan R. Jackson; Sapna Bamrah Morris; Pavithra Natarajan; Robyn Neblett Fanfair; Priti R. Patel; Jessica Rogers-Brown; John Rossow; Karen K. Wong; David Murphy; James Blum; Julie Hollberg; Benjamin Lefkove; Frank Brown; Tom Shimabukuro; Clarie M. Midgley; Jacqueline E. Tate; Marie E. Killerby



COVID-19 Clinical Phenotypes: Presentation and Temporal Progression of Disease in a Cohort of Hospitalized Adults in Georgia, United States

by Juliana F da Silva; Alfonso C Hernandez-Romieu; Sean D Browning; Beau Bruce; Pavithra Natarajan; Sapna B Morris; Jeremy AW Gold; Robyn N Fanfair; Jessica Rogers-Brown; John Rossow; Christine M Szablewski; Nadine Oosmanally; Melisssa T D'Angelo; Cherie Drenzek; David Murphy; Julie Hollberg; James Blum; Robert Jansen; David Wright; William Sewell; Jack Owens; Benjamin Lefkove; Frank Brown; Deron C Burton; Timothy M Uyeki; Priti Patel; Brendan Jackson; Karen Wong