Sheri Chernetsky Tejedor MD


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Changes in the number of intensive care unit beds in US hospitals during the early months of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic

by Lindsey M. Weiner-Lastinger; Margaret A. Dudeck; Katherine Allen-Bridson; Raymund Dantes; Cindy Gross; Allan Nkwata; Sheri Chernetsky Tejedor; Daniel Pollock; Andrea Benin



Impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on US Hospitals and Patients, April-July 2020

by Mathew R. P. Sapiano; Margaret A. Dudeck; Minn Soe; Jonathan R. Edwards; Erin N. O'Leary; Hsiu Wu; Katherine Allen-Bridson; Agasha Amor; Rashad Arcement; Sheri Chernetsky Tejedor; Raymund Dantes; Cindy Gross; Kathryn Haass; Rebecca Konnor; Seth R. Kroop; Denise Leaptrot; Kent Lemoine; Allan Nkwata; Kelly Peterson; Lauren Wattenmaker; Lindsey M. Weiner-Lastinger; Daniel Pollock; Andrea L. Benin



Microbial Biofilms on Needleless Connectors for Central Venous Catheters: Comparison of Standard and Silver-Coated Devices Collected from Patients in an Acute Care Hospital

by Elizabeth Perez; Margaret Williams; Jesse Jacob; Mary Dent Reyes; Sheri Chernetsky Tejedor; James Steinberg; Lori Rowe; Satishkumar Ranganathan Ganakammal; Shankar Changayil; M. Ryan Weil; Rodney M. Donlan