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Skin cancer screening: recommendations for data-driven screening guidelines and a review of the US Preventive Services Task Force controversy.

by Mariah M Johnson; Sancy A Leachman; Lisa G Aspinwall; Lee D Cranmer; Clara Curiel-Lewandrowski; Vernon K Sondak; Clara E Stemwedel; Susan M Swetter; John Vetto; Tawnya Bowles; Robert P Dellavalle; Larisa J Geskin; Douglas Grossman; Kenneth F Grossmann; Jason E Hawkes; Joanne M Jeter; Caroline C Kim; John M Kirkwood; Aaron R Mangold; Frank Meyskens; Michael E Ming; Brian Pollack; Suephy Chen; David Lawson; Oliver Wisco



Racial disparities in fifth-grade sun protection: Evidence from the Healthy Passages study

by Emir Veledar; Suephy Chen; Christina M. Correnti; David J. Klein; Marc N. Elliott; Mona Saraiya; Alyna T. Chien; David C. Schwebel; Sylvie Mrug; Susan R. Tortolero; Paula M. Cuccaro; Mark A. Schuster



Diagnosing and Managing Cutaneous Pigmented Lesions: Primary Care Physicians Versus Dermatologists

by Suephy C Chen; Michelle L Pennie; Paul Kolm; Erin M Warshaw; Eric L Weisberg; Katherine M Brown; Michael E Ming; William Seth Weintraub



Cooperative benefit for the combination of rapamycin and imatinib in tuberous sclerosis complex neoplasia

by Baskaran Govindarajan; Laura Willoughby; Hamid Band; Adam S. Curatolo; Emir Veledar; Suephy Chen; Michael Y. Bonner; Matin-Garrido Abel; Marsha A. Mosses; Jack Arbiser



How data can deliver for dermatology

by Katrina Abuabara; Maryam M. Asgari; Suephy Chen; Robert P. Dellavalle; Sunil Kalia; Aaron M. Secrest; Jonathan I. Silverberg; James A. Solomon; Martin A. Weinstock; Jashin J. Wu; Mary-Margaret Chren