Sarah Blake PhD, MA


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Maternal health equity in Georgia: a Delphi consensus approach to definition and research priorities

by Alexis Amore; Sarah Blake; Michael Kramer; Elizabeth Mosley; NDD Hernandez; ADD Aina; LJ Baker; CGG Franklin; ZTT Henderson; FM Jackson; L Nunally; S Sylvester



Implementation of Title X Family Planning Services in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study of a Primary Care Network in Georgia

by Anna Newton-Levinson; Rachel Regina; Gabrielle Dys; Megan Higdon; Sara Sullivan; Michael W. Brooks; Melissa Kottke; Kelli Hall; Sarah Blake



A qualitative examination of barriers and facilitators of pediatric enhanced recovery protocol implementation among 18 pediatric surgery services.

by Teaniese Davis; Willemijn LA Schäfer; Sarah Blake; Sharron Close; Sarah N Balbale; Joseph E Perry; Raul Perez Zarate; Martha Ingram; Jennifer Strople; Julie K Johnson; Jane L Holl; Mehul V Raval