Sharon Castellino

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Assoc Professor

SOMPI: Leukemia Lymphoma

Emory+Children's Ped Institute

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Hyaluronan Synthase 3 Variant and Anthracycline-Related Cardiomyopathy: A Report From the Children's Oncology

by Frank Keller; Sharon Castellino; X Wang; W Liu; C-L Sun; SH Armenian; H Hakonarson; L Hageman; Y Ding; W Landier; JG Blanco; L Chen; A Quinones; D Ferguson; N Winick; JP Ginsberg; JP Neglia; S Desai; CA Sklar; I Cherrick; ZE Dreyer; MM Hudson; LL Robison; Y Yasui; MV Relling; S Bhatia



Decline in Physical Activity Level in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Cohort

by Carmen L. Wilson; Kayla Stratton; Wendy L. Leisenring; Kevin C. Oeffinger; Paul C. Nathan; Karen Wasilewski-Masker; Melissa M. Hudson; Sharon M. Castellino; Marilyn Stovall; Gregory T. Armstrong; Tara M. Brinkman; Kevin R. Krull; Leslie L. Robison; Kirsten K. Ness



Impact of Insurance Type on Survivor-Focused and General Preventive Health Care Utilization in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer The Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS)

by Jacqueline Casillas; Sharon M. Castellino; Melissa M. Hudson; Ann Mertens; Isac S. F. Lima; Qi Liu; Lonnie K. Zeltzer; Yutaka Yasui; Leslie L. Robison; Kevin C. Oeffinger



Late Effects Surveillance Recommendations among Survivors of Childhood Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation: A Children's Oncology Group Report

by Eric J. Chow; Lynnette Anderson; K. Scott Baker; Smita Bhatia; Gregory M.T. Guilcher; Jennifer T. Huang; Wendy Pelletier; Joanna L. Perkins; Linda S. Rivard; Tal Schechter; Ami Jayant Shah; Karla Dee Wilson; Kenneth Wong; Satkiran Grewal; Saro Armenian; Lillian Meacham; Daniel A. Mulrooney; Sharon Castellino



Results of the AHOD0431 Trial of Response Adapted Therapy and a Salvage Strategy for Limited Stage, Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Report From the Children's Oncology Group

by Frank Keller; Sharon Castellino; Lu Chen; Qinglin Pei; Stephan D Voss; Kathleen M McCarten; Stacy L Senn; Allen Buxton; Rizvan Bush; Louis S Constine; Cindy L Schwartz



CELF4 Variant and Anthracycline-Related Cardiomyopathy: A Children's Oncology Group Genome-Wide Association Study

by Xuexia Wang; Can-Lan Sun; Adolfo Quinones-Lombrana; Purnima Singh; Wendy Landier; Lindsey Hageman; Molly Mather; Jerome I. Rotter; Kent D. Taylor; Yii-Der Ida Chen; Saro H. Armenian; Naomi Winick; Jill P. Ginsberg; Joseph P. Neglia; Kevin C. Oeffinger; Sharon Castellino; Zoann E. Dreyer; Melissa M. Hudson; Leslie L. Robison; Javier G. Blanco; Smita Bhatia



Early-stage Hodgkin lymphoma in the modern era: simulation modelling to delineate long-term patient outcomes

by Susan K. Parsons; Michael J. Kelly; Joshua T. Cohen; Sharon M. Castellino; Tara O. Henderson; Kara M. Kelly; Frank G. Keller; Tobi J. Henzer; Anita J. Kumar; Peter Johnson; Ralph M. Meyer; John Radford; John Raemaekers; David C. Hodgson; Andrew M. Evens