Sarah Blanton


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Differential patterns of cortical reorganization following constraint-induced movement therapy during early and late period after stroke: A preliminary study

by Lumy Sawaki; Andrew Butler; Xiaoyan Leng; Peter A. Wassenaar; Yusif Mohammad; Sarah Blanton; Krishnankutty Sathian; Deborah S. Nichols-Larsen; Steven L Wolf; David C. Good; George F. Wittenberg



Measurement Structure of the Wolf Motor Function Test: Implications for Motor Control Theory

by Michelle Woodbury; Craig A. Velozo; Paul A. Thompson; Kathye Light; Gitendra Uswatte; Edward Taub; Carolee J. Winstein; David Morris; Sarah Blanton; Deborah S. Nichols-Larsen; Steven Wolf



Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Arm Rehabilitation Evaluation (ICARE): a randomized controlled trial protocol

by Carolee J. Winstein; Steven L Wolf; Alexnader W. Dromerick; Christianne J. Lane; Monica A. Nelson; Rebecca Lawthwaite; Sarah Blanton; Charro Scott; Aimee Reiss; Steven Yong Cen; Rahsaan Holley; Stanley P. Azen



The EXCITE Stroke Trial: Comparing Early and Delayed Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy

by Steven L Wolf; Paul A. Thompson; Carolee J. Winstein; J. Phillip Miller; Sarah Blanton; Deborah S. Nichols-Larsen; David M. Morris; Gitendra Uswatte; Edward Taub; Kathye E. Light; Lumy Sawaki



Retention of upper limb function in stroke survivors who have received constraint-induced movement therapy: the EXCITE randomised trial

by Steven L Wolf; Carolee J. Winstein; J Phillip Miller; Paul A. Thompson; Edward Taub; Gitendra Uswatte; David Morris; Sarah Blanton; Deborah Nichols-Larsen; Patricia C. Clark