Samir R Belagaje MD


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Navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A Biologically Based Assay of Lower Extremity Impairment and Gait Velocity

by Heather T. Peters; Kari Dunning; Samir Belagaje; Brett M. Kissela; Jun Ying; Jarmo Laine; Stephen J. Page



Improving Upper Extremity Function and Quality of Life with a Tongue Driven Exoskeleton: A Pilot Study Quantifying Stroke Rehabilitation

by Stephen N. Housley; David Wu; Kimberly Richards; Samir R Belagaje; Maysam Ghovanloo; Andrew J. Butler



The negative impact of spasticity on the health-related quality of life of stroke survivors: a longitudinal cohort study

by Patrick J. Gillard; Heidi Sucharew; Dawn Kleindorfer; Samir Belagaje; Sepideh Varon; Kathleen Alwell; Charles J. Moomaw; Daniel Woo; Pooja Khatri; Matthew L. Flaherty; Opeolu Adeoye; Simona Ferioli; Brett Kissela



The effect of time since stroke, gender, age, and lesion size on thalamus volume in chronic stroke: a pilot study

by Bruce Crosson; Joe Nocera; Andrew Butler; Samir Belagaje; Keith McGregor; Venkatagiri Krishnamurthy; GN Champion; A Turabi; SR Roberts; MR Borich; AD Rodriguez; RM Harrington; ML Harris-Love; SM Harnish; JH Drucker; M Benjamin; ML Meadows; L Seeds; ZZ Zlatar; A Sudhyadhom; A Garcia; C Patten; J Trinastic; SA Kautz; C Gregory



The adverse effect of spasticity on 3-month poststroke outcome using a population-based model.

by Samir Belagaje; C. Lindsell; C. J. Moomaw; K. Alwell; M. L. Flaherty; D. Woo; K. Dunning; P. Khatri; O. Adeoye; D. Kleindorfer; J. Broderick; B. Kissela