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Evolution of Condom Use Among a 5-Year Cohort of Female Sex Workers in Zambia

by Kalonde Malama; Matt A Price; Luis Sagaon-Teyssier; Rachel Parker; Kristin Wall; Amanda Tichacek; Tyronza Sharkey; William Kilembe; Mubiana Inambao; Bruno Spire; Susan Allen



Cumulative Impact of Host and Viral Factors on HIV-1 Viral-Load Control during Early Infection

by Ling Yue; Heather A. Prentice; Paul Farmer; Wei Song; Dongning He; Shabir Lakhi; Paul Goepfert; Jill Gilmour; Susan A Allen; Jianming Tang; Richard A. Kaslow; Eric Hunter



The B Cell Response Is Redundant and Highly Focused on V1V2 during Early Subtype C Infection in a Zambian Seroconverter▿ †

by Rebecca M. Lynch; Rong Rong; Saikat Boliar; Anurag Sethi; Bing Li; Joseph Mulenga; Susan A Allen; James E. Robinson; S. Gnanakaran; Cynthia Derdeyn



A mixed-methods study of factors influencing postpartum intrauterine device uptake after family planning counseling among women in Kigali, Rwanda

by Mariama S Tounkara; Rosine Ingabire; Dawn Comeau; Etienne Karita; Susan Allen; Julien Nyombayire; Rachel Parker; Lisa B Haddad; Vanessa Da Costa; Amanda Tichacek; Amelia Mazzei; Jeannine Mukamuyango; Kristin Wall



Client-Initiated Violence Against Zambian Female Sex Workers: Prevalence and Associations With Behavior, Environment, and Sexual History

by Kalonde Malama; Luis Sagaon-Teyssier; Rachel Parker; Amanda Tichacek; Tyronza Sharkey; William Kilembe; Mubiana Inambao; Matt A Price; Bruno Spire; Susan Allen



Cross-sectional assessment of determinants of STIs among men who have sex with men and transgender women in Kigali, Rwanda

by Patrick Sullivan; Susan Allen; JO Twahirwa Rwema; S Herbst; MM Hamill; B Liestman; J Nyombayire; CE Lyons; P Mugwaneza; JD Makuza; E Karita; S Baral



Knowledge of HIV Serodiscordance, Transmission, and Prevention among Couples in Durban, South Africa.

by William Kilembe; Kristin Wall; Susan Allen; Mammekwa Mokgoro; Annie Mwaanga; Elisabeth Dissen; Miriam Kamusoko; Hilda Phiri; Jean Sakulanda; Jonathan Davitte; Tarylee Reddy; Mark Brockman; Thumbi Ndung'u; Susan Allen



Protective HLA alleles are associated with reduced LPS levels in acute HIV infection with implications for immune activation and pathogenesis

by Daniel T. Claiborne; Eileen P. Scully; Christine D. Palmer; Jessica L. Prince; Gladys N. Macharia; Jakub Kopycinski; Clive M. Michelo; Howard W. Wiener; Rachel Parker; Krystelle Nganou-Makamdop; Daniel Douek; Marcus Altfeld; Jill Gilmour; Matt A. Price; Jianming Tang; William Kilembe; Susan A Allen; Eric Hunter