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The influence of informed consent content on study participants' contraceptive knowledge and concerns

by Robert Stephenson; Kristina Grabbe; Bellington Vwalika; Yusuf Ahmed; Cheswa Vwalika; Alan Haworth; Laurie Fuller; Fong Liu; Elwyn Chomba; Susan A Allen



Safety and Acceptability of Couples HIV Testing and Counseling for US Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Randomized Prevention Study

by Patrick S Sullivan; Darcy White; Eli S Rosenberg; Jasper Barnes; Jeb Jones; Sharoda Dasgupta; Brandon O'Hara; Lamont Scales; Laura F. Salazar; Gina M Wingood; Ralph Joseph Diclemente; Kristin Wall; Colleen Hoff; Beau Gratzer; Susan A Allen; Robert Stephenson



Prevalence of seroconversion symptoms and relationship to set point viral load: Findings from a subtype C epidemic, 1995-2009

by Patrick S. Sullivan; Ulgen Fideli; Kristin M. Wall; Elwyn Chomba; Cheswa Vwalika; William Kilembe; Amanda Tichacek; Nicole Luisi; Joseph Mulenga; Eric Hunter; Debrah Boeras; Susan A Allen



Contraceptive discontinuation and switching among couples receiving integrated HIV and family planning services in Lusaka, Zambia

by Lisa Haddad; Kristin Wall; Bellington Vwalika; Naw Htee Khu; Ilene Brill; William Kilembe; Robert Stephenson; Elwyn Chomba; Cheswa Vwalika; Amanda Tichacek; Susan Allen



Unintended Pregnancy among HIV Positive Couples Receiving Integrated HIV Counseling, Testing, and Family Planning Services in Zambia

by Kristin Wall; Lisa Haddad; Bellington Vwalika; Naw Htee Khu; Ilene Brill; William Kilembe; Robert Stephenson; Elwyn Chomba; Cheswa Vwalika; Amanda Tichacek; Susan A Allen



Schistosomiasis is associated with incident HIV transmission and death in Zambia

by Kristin Wall; William Kilembe; Bellington Vwalika; Cecile Dinh; Paul Livingston; Yeuk-Mui Lee; Shabir Lakhi; Debi Boeras; Htee Khu Naw; Ilene Brill; Elwyn Chomba; Tyronza Sharkey; Rachel Parker; Erin Shutes; Amanda Tichacek; W. Evan Secor; Susan Allen



Evaluation of a multi-level intervention to improve postpartum intrauterine device services in Rwanda.

by Rosine Ingabire; Julien Nyombayire; Alexandra Hoagland; Vanessa Da Costa; Amelia Mazzei; Lisa Haddad; Rachel Parker; Robertine Sinabamenye; Jeannine Mukamuyango; Julie Smith; Victoria Umutoni; Ellen Mork; Susan Allen; Etienne Karita; Kristin Wall



Rwandan stakeholder perspectives of integrated family planning and HIV services

by Kristin Wall; Roger Bayingana; Rosine Ingabire; Lauren Ahlschlager; Amanda Tichacek; Susan Allen; Etienne Karita