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Implementation of an electronic fingerprint-linked data collection system: a feasibility and acceptability study among Zambian female sex workers

by Kristin Wall; William Kilembe; Mubiana Inambao; Yi No Chen; Mwaka Mchoongo; Linda Kimaru; Yuna Tiffany Hammond; Tyronza Sharkey; Kalonde Malama; T. Roice Fulton; Alex Tran; Hanzunga Halumamba; Sarah Anderson; Nishant Kishore; Shawn Sarwar; Trisha Finnegan; David Mark; Susan Allen



CD4:CD8 lymphocyte ratio as a quantitative measure of immunologic health in HIV-1 infection: findings from an African cohort with prospective data

by Jianming Tang; Xuelin Li; Matthew A. Price; Eduard J. Sanders; Omu Anzala; Etienne Karita; Anatoli Kamali; Shabir Lakhi; Susan Allen; Eric Hunter; Richard A. Kaslow; Jill Gilmour



Implementation of couples' voluntary HIV counseling and testing services in Durban, South Africa

by William Kilembe; Kristin Wall; Mammekwa Mokgoro; Annie Mwaanga; Elisabeth Dissen; Miriam Kamusoko; Hilda Phiri; Jean Sakulanda; Jonathan Davitte; Tarylee Reddy; Mark Brockman; Thumbi Ndung'u; Susan Allen



Prediction of extended high viremia among newly HIV-1-infected persons in sub-Saharan Africa

by Kimberly A. Powers; Matthew A. Price; Etienne Karita; Anatoli Kamali; William Kilembe; Susan A Allen; Eric Hunter; Linda-Gail Bekker; Shabir Lakhi; Mubiana Inambao; Omu Anzala; Mary H. Latka; Patricia E. Fast; Jill Gilmour; Eduard J. Sanders



HLA-B(star)57 versus HLA-B(star)81 in HIV-1 Infection: Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

by Heather A. Prentice; Travis R. Porter; Matthew A. Price; Emmanuel Cormier; Dongning He; Paul K. Farmer; Anatoli Kamali; Etienne Karita; Shabir Lakhi; Eduard J. Sanders; Omu Anzala; Pauli N. Amornkul; Susan Allen; Eric Hunter; Richard A. Kaslow; Jill Gilmour; Jianming Tang



Balance between transmitted HLA preadapted and nonassociated polymorphisms is a major determinant of HIV-1 disease progression

by Daniela Monaco; Dario Dilernia; Andrew Fiore-Gartland; Tianwei Yu; Jessica L. Prince; Kristine K. Dennis; Kai Qin; Malinda Schaefer; Daniel T. Claiborne; William Kilembe; Jianming Tang; Matt A. Price; Paul Farmer; Jill Gilmour; Anju Bansal; Susan Allen; Paul Goepfert; Eric Hunter



Indeterminate and discrepant rapid HIV test results in couples' HIV testing and counselling centres in Africa

by Debrah I. Boeras; Nicole Luisi; Etienne Karita; Shila McKinney; Tyronza Sharkey; Michelle Keeling; Elwyn Chomba; Colleen Kraft; Kristin Wall; Jean Bizimana; William Kilembe; Amanda Tichacek; Angela M. Caliendo; Eric Hunter; Susan Allen



Multiplexed highly-accurate DNA sequencing of closely-related HIV-1 variants using continuous long reads from single molecule, real-time sequencing

by Dario A. Dilernia; Jung-Ting Chien; Daniela Monaco; Michael P.S. Brown; Zachary Ende; Martin J. Deymier; Ling Yue; Ellen E. Paxinos; Susan Allen; Alfredo Tirado-Ramos; Eric Hunter