Rabindra Tirouvanziam PhD, Engineer


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Degrees Held:

  • PhD, Agro Paris-Tech, 1999
  • Engineer, Agro Paris-Tech, 1994

Biography/Description of Research:

Previously at the Institute of Embryology at the College de France, in Paris, and at Stanford University, Dr. Tirouvanziam has led efforts to revisit the biology of granulocytic subsets in human, mouse, SCID-Hu xenografts and Drosophila. In particular, his work has demonstrated that in CF patients, airway neutrophils are alive and reprogrammed, rather than necrotic, while carrying out severe damage to the patients' airways. This new paradigm holds much promise for the development of neutrophil-targeted therapies for CF. In keeping with this goal, a key interest in our group is to study how neutrophils are reprogrammed by the evolving CF airway ecosystem, from birth all the way to end-stage disease. This will aid in mapping and modeling the longitudinal trajectory and junctures (or inflexion points) in airway ecosystem evolution and immune adaptation in CF patients, to advance towards personalized medicine. Here are the main questions that we are investigating in our CF patient-based studies: - Nutrients, transporters and intracellular pathways involved in the reprogramming of airway neutrophils - Effector and autocrine/paracrine regulatory functions carried out by subsets of airway neutrophils - Mechanisms of ecosystem building involving host epithelium, neutrophils and pathogens Although CF is our main area of focus, our group maintains active projects in other diseases and conditions affecting the respiratory system (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung transplant), immune system (allergy, fungal colonization, malaria, Fanconi anemia, rheumatoid arthritis) and central nervous system (autism, schizophrenia). We have fruitful collaborations with groups at several academic institutions, including Emory University, Georgia Tech, Stanford University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Montpellier (France) and University of Lausanne (Switzerland). Our approach emphasizes sample collection from patients and direct, high-content analyses by flow I image cytometry (to characterize metabolic and activation markers reflecting adaptation in immune cells) and mass spectrometry (to characterize small molecule signals exchanged by mucosal cells, viruses I bacteria I fungi and immune cells). In addition, we have developed a novel transmigration model enabling physiological studies of human airway epithelium I leukocyte I pathogen cocultures, using isolates from patients and candidate drugs, which we analyze by the above methods, and confocal imaging. From an engineering standpoint, we are interested in identifying better in vivo targets and in developing adequate measurement methods to enable better immuno-inflammatory monitoring at the clinic and at home.

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