Robert A Swerlick MD


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Reduced SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Response in Patients Treated with Biologic Therapies for Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis

by Ignacio Sanz; Hao Wu; Robert Swerlick; Frances Lee; Colin Swenson; Carmen Polito; Matthew Woodruff; Merin Kalangara; Wendy Neveu; M Runnstrom; A Morrison-Porter; M Ravindran; H Quehl; R Ramonell; F Anam; R Patel; C Kim; I Hentenaar; Z Guo; N Haddad; J Daiss



Definitions and outcome measures for bullous pemphigoid: Recommendations by an international panel of experts

by Dedee F. Murrell; Benjamin S. Daniel; Pascal Joly; Luca Borradori; Masayuki Amagai; Takashi Hashimoto; Frederic Caux; Branka Marinovic; Animesh A. Sinha; Michael Hertl; Philippe Bernard; David Sirois; Giuseppe Cianchini; Janet A. Fairley; Marcel F. Jonkman; Amit G. Pandya; David Rubenstein; Detlef Zillikens; Aimee S. Payne; Robert Swerlick