Roman M Sniecinski MD


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A Multicenter Pilot Study Assessing Regional Cerebral Oxygen Desaturation Frequency During Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Responsiveness to an Intervention Algorithm

by Balachundhar Subramanian; Charles Nyman; Maria Fritock; Rebecca Y. Klinger; Roman Sniecinski; Philip Roman; Julie Huffmyer; Michelle Parish; Gayane Yenokyan; Charles W. Hogue



Validation of an admission coagulation panel for risk stratification of covid-19 patients

by Darwish Alabyad; Srikant Rangaraju; Michael Liu; Rajeel Imran; Milad Sharifpour; Christine Kempton; Sara C. Auld; Manila Gaddh; Roman Sniecinski; Cheryl L. Maier; Jeannette Guarner; Alexander Duncan; Fadi Nahab



Clinical Outcomes of Critically III Patients with COVID-19 by Race.

by Fahad Marmarchi; Michael Liu; Srikant Rangaraju; Sara C. Auld; Maria Christina Creel-Bulos; Christine Kempton; Milad Sharifpour; Manila Gaddh; Roman M Sniecinski; Cheryl L. Maier; Fadi Nahab; Gregory Martin