Robert Sidonio Jr


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Haemophilia A carriers experience reduced health-related quality of life

by Leslie Gilbert; Allison Paroskie; David Gailani; Michael R. Debaun; Robert Sidonio Jr



Notes from the field: Late vitamin K deficiency bleeding in infants whose parents declined vitamin K prophylaxis - Tennessee, 2013

by Michael Warren; Angela Miller; Julie Traylor; Robert Sidonio Jr; Anna Morad; Alyson Goodman; Deborah Christensen; Althea Grant; Erika Odom; Ekwutosi Okoroh; Joshua Clayton; Matthew Maenner; Lauren Marcewicz



Aberrant splicing contributes to severe alpha-spectrin-linked congenital hemolytic anemia

by Patrick G. Gallagher; Yelena Maksimova; Kimberly Lezon-Geyda; Peter E. Newburger; Desiree Medeiros; Robin D. Hanson; Jennifer Rothman; Sara Israels; Donna A. Wall; Robert F. Sidonio Jr; Colin Sieff; L. Kate Gowans; Nupur Mittal; Roland Rivera-Santiago; David W. Speicher; SusanJ. Baserga; Vincent P. Schulz



A cross-sectional study of bleeding phenotype in haemophilia A carriers

by Allison Paroskie; Dave Gailani; Michael R. DeBaun; Robert F. Sidonio Jr