Robert Sidonio Jr


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Women and girls with haemophilia receiving care at specialized haemophilia treatment centres in the United States

by Connie H. Miller; J. Michael Soucie; Vanessa Byams; Amanda B. Payne; Robert Sidonio Jr; Tyler W. Buckner; Christopher J. Bean



von Willebrand disease: proposing definitions for future research

by Nathan T. Connell; Paula D. James; Romina Brignardello-Petersen; Rezan Abdul-Kadir; Barbara Ameer; Alice Arapshian; Susie Couper; Jorge Di Paola; Jeroen Eikenboom; Nicolas Giraud; Jean M. Grow; Sandra Haberichter; Vicki Jacobs-Pratt; Barbara A. Konkle; Peter Kouides; Michael Laffan; Michelle Lavin; Frank W. G. Leebeek; Claire McLintock; Simon McRae; Robert Montgomery; Sarah O'Brien; James S. O'Donnell; Margareth C. Ozelo; Nikole Scappe; Robert Sidonio Jr; Alberto Tosetto; Angela C. Weyand; Mohamad A. Kalot; Nedaa Husainat; Reem A. Mustafa; Veronica H. Flood



Health-related quality of life and caregiver burden of emicizumab in children with haemophilia A and factor VIII inhibitors-Results from the HAVEN 2 study

by Maria Elisa Mancuso; Johnny Mahlangu; Robert Sidonio Jr; Peter Trask; Marianne Uguen; Tiffany Chang; Midori Shima; Guy Young; Johannes Oldenburg; Sylvia von Mackensen



ASH ISTH NHF WFH 2021 guidelines on the diagnosis of von Willebrand disease

by Paula D. James; Nathan T. Connell; Barbara Ameer; Jorge Di Di Paola; Jeroen Eikenboom; Nicolas Giraud; Sandra Haberichter; Vicki Jacobs-Pratt; Barbara Konkle; Claire McLintock; Simon McRae; Robert R. Montgomery; James S. O'Donnell; Nikole Scappe; Robert Sidonio Jr; Veronica Flood; Nedaa Husainat; Mohamad Kalot; Reem A. Mustafa



A decreased and less sustained desmopressin response in hemophilia A carriers contributes to bleeding.

by Victoria Candy; Hilary Whitworth; Julie Grabell; Lisa Thibeault; Lori Harpell; Mackenzie Bowman; David Good; Wilma M. Hopman; Robert F. Sidonio Jr; Paula D. James



Hematologic outcomes after total splenectomy and partial splenectomy for congenital hemolytic anemia

by Brian R. Englum; Jennifer Rothman; Sarah Leonard; Audra Reiter; Courtney Thornburg; Mary Brindle; Nicola Wright; Matthew M. Heeney; C. Jason Smithers; Rebecca L. Brown; Theodosia Kalfa; Jacob C. Langer; Michaela Cada; Keith T. Oldham; J. Paul Scott; Shawn D. St Peter; Mukta Sharma; Andrew M. Davidoff; Kerri Nottage; Kathryn Bernabe; David B. Wilson; Sanjeev Dutta; Bertil Glader; Shelley E. Crary; Melvin S. Dassinger; Levette Dunbar; Saleem Islam; Manjusha Kumar; Fred Rescorla; Steve Bruch; Andrew Campbell; Mary Austin; Robert Sidonio Jr; Martin L. Blakely; Henry E. Rice



The spectrum and severity of bleeding in adolescents with low von Willebrand factor-associated heavy menstrual bleeding

by Lakshmi Srivaths; Charles G. Minard; Sarah H. O'Brien; Allison P. Wheeler; Eric Mullins; Mukta Sharma; Robert Sidonio Jr; Shilpa Jain; Ayesha Zia; Margaret V. Ragni; Roshni Kulkarni; Jennifer E. Dietrich; Peter A. Kouides