Robert Sidonio Jr


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Bleeding assessment tools in the diagnosis of VWD in adults and children: a systematic review and meta-analysis of test accuracy

by Robert Sidonio Jr; MA Kalot; N Husainat; S Tayiem; A El Alayli; AB Dimassi; O Diab; O Abughanimeh; B Madoukh; A Qureini; B Ameer; J Di Paola; JCJ Eikenboom; V Jacobs-Pratt; C McLintock; R Montgomery; JS O'Donnell; R Sidonio; R Brignardello-Petersen; V Flood; NT Connell; PD James; RA Mustafa



Whole-exome analysis of adolescents with low VWF and heavy menstrual bleeding identifies novel genetic associations

by Robert Sidonio Jr; B Sadler; CG Minard; G Haller; CA Gurnett; SH O'Brien; A Wheeler; S Jain; M Sharma; A Zia; R Kulkarni; E Mullins; M Ragni; R Sidonio; JE Dietrich; PA Kouides; J Di Paola; L Srivaths



COVID-19 Cliff Notes: A COVID-19 Multidisciplinary Care Compendium

by Cassandra Josephson; Sean Stowell; Robert Sidonio Jr; Kirsten Williams; PT Wilson; F Silva-Palacios; J Kebbe; AD LaBeaud; H Agudelo; RF Sidonio; BA Tarini; JLH Chakrabarty; AL Agwu



von Willebrand disease: proposing definitions for future research

by Robert Sidonio Jr; NT Connell; PD James; R Brignardello-Petersen; R Abdul-Kadir; B Ameer; A Arapshian; S Couper; J Di Paola; J Eikenboom; N Giraud; JM Grow; S Haberichter; V Jacobs-Pratt; BA Konkle; P Kouides; M Laffan; M Lavin; FWG Leebeek; C McLintock; S McRae; R Montgomery; SH O'Brien; JS O'Donnell; MC Ozelo; N Scappe; R Sidonio; A Tosetto; AC Weyand; MA Kalot; N Husainat; RA Mustafa; VH Flood



Health-related quality of life and caregiver burden of emicizumab in children with haemophilia A and factor VIII inhibitors-Results from the HAVEN 2 study

by Robert Sidonio Jr; ME Mancuso; J Mahlangu; R Sidonio; P Trask; M Uguen; T Chang; M Shima; G Young; J Oldenburg; S von Mackensen



ASH ISTH NHF WFH 2021 guidelines on the diagnosis of von Willebrand disease

by Robert Sidonio Jr; PD James; NT Connell; B Ameer; J Di Paola; J Eikenboom; N Giraud; S Haberichter; V Jacobs-Pratt; B Konkle; C McLintock; S McRae; RR Montgomery; JS O'Donnell; N Scappe; R Sidonio; VH Flood; N Husainat; MA Kalot; RA Mustafa