Robert Hoover Jr

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SOM: Medicine: Nephrology

School Of Medicine

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Works 1-9 of 9


A new model of the distal convoluted tubule

by Benjamin Ko; Abinash Mistry; Lauren Hanson; Rickta Mallick; Leslie L. Cooke; Bradley K. Hack; Patrick Cunningham; Robert S. Hoover Jr



CD8(+) T cells stimulate Na-Cl co-transporter NCC in distal convoluted tubules leading to salt-sensitive hypertension

by Yunmeng Liu; Tonya M. Rafferty; Sung W. Rhee; Jessica S. Webber; Li Song; Benjamin Ko; Robert Hoover Jr; Beixiang He; Shengyu Mu



Aldosterone Modulates the Association between NCC and ENaC.

by Brandi Wynne; Abinash Mistry; Otor Al-Khalili; Rickta Mallick; Franziska Theilig; Douglas Eaton; Robert Hoover Jr



Insulin increases the functional activity of the renal NaCl cotransporter

by Maria Chavez-Canales; Juan Pablo Arroyo; Benjamin Ko; Norma Vazquez; Rocio Bautista; Maria Castaneda-Bueno; Norma A. Bobadilla; Robert S. Hoover Jr; Gerardo Gamba



Protein kinase C alpha deletion causes hypotension and decreased vascular contractility

by Brandi Wynne; Cameron G. McCarthy; Theodora Szasz; Patrick A. Molina; Arlene Chapman; R. Clinton Webb; Janet Klein; Robert Hoover Jr



The sodium chloride cotransporter (NCC) and epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) associate

by Abinash Mistry; Brandi Wynne; Ling Yu; Victor Tomilin; Qiang Yue; Yiqun Zhou; Otor Al-Khalili; Rickta Mallick; Hui Cai; Abdel Alli; Benjamin Ko; Hui-Fang Bao; Alexa Mattheyses; Oleh Pochynyuk; Franziska Theilig; Douglas Eaton; Robert Hoover Jr