Raymond F Schinazi PhD, DSc

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Phone: 404-727-1414

Email: rschina@emory.edu

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Characterization of dengue virus 2 growth in megakaryocyte-erythrocyte progenitor cells

by Kristina B. Clark; Hui-Mien Hsiao; Leda Bassit; James E. Crowe; Raymond Schinazi; Guey Chuen Perng; Francois Villinger



Selection and Characterization of HIV-1 with a Novel S68 Deletion in Reverse Transcriptase

by Raymond F Schinazi; Ivana Massud; Kimberly L. Rapp; Meta Cristiano; Mervi Acuzar Detorio; Richard A. Stanton; Matthew A. Bennett; Monique Kierlin-Duncan; Johan Lennerstrand; James H Nettles



Anti-infective Discorhabdins from a Deep-Water Alaskan Sponge of the Genus Latrunculia

by MinKyun Na; Yuanqing Ding; Bin Wang; Babu L. Tekwani; Raymond F Schinazi; Scott Franzblau; Michelle Kelly; Robert Stone; Xing-Cong Li; Daneel Ferreira; Mark T. Hamann