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SOMPI: Gastroenterology

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Total Serum Bilirubin within 3 Months of Hepatoportoenterostomy Predicts Short-Term Outcomes in Biliary Atresia

by Benjamin L. Shneider; John C. Magee; Saul Karpen; Elizabeth B. Rand; Michael R. Narkewicz; Lee M. Bass; Kathleen Schwarz; Peter F. Whitington; Jorge A. Bezerra; Nanda Kerkar; Barbara Haber; Philip Rosenthal; Yumirle P. Turmelle; Jean P. Molleston; Karen F. Murray; Vicky L. Ng; Kasper S. Wang; Rene Romero; Robert H. Squires; Ronen Arnon; Averell H. Sherker; Jeffrey Moore; Wen Ye; Ronald J. Sokol



Medical Status of 219 Children with Biliary Atresia Surviving Long-Term with Their Native Livers: Results from a North American Multicenter Consortium

by Vicky Lee Ng; Barbara H. Haber; John C. Magee; Alexander Miethke; Karen F. Murray; Sonia Michail; Saul Karpen; Nanda Kerkar; Jean P. Molleston; Rene Romero; Philip Rosenthal; Kathleen B. Schwarz; Benjamin L. Shneider; Yumirle P. Turmelle; Estella M. Alonso; Averell H. Sherker; Ronlad J. Sokol



Pediatric liver transplantation for acute liver failure at a single center: A 10-yr experience

by TG Heffron; T Pillen; GA Smallwood; J Rodriguez; S Sekar; S Henry; Miriam Vos; K Casper; Nitika Gupta; C Fasola; Rene Romero



Prevalence and Significance of Autoantibodies in Children With Acute Liver Failure

by Michael R. Narkewicz; Simon Horslen; Steven H. Belle; David A. Rudnick; Vicky L. Ng; Philip Rosenthal; Rene Romero Jr.; Kathleen M. Loomes; Song Zhang; Regina M Hardison; Robert H. Squires



Associations among genotype, clinical phenotype, and intracellular localization of trafficking proteins in ARC syndrome

by Holly Smith; Romain Galmes; Ekaterina Gogolina; Anna Straatman-Iwanowska; Kim Reay; Blerida Banushi; Christopher K Bruce; Andrew R Cullinane; Rene Romero Jr.; Richard Chang; Oanez Ackermann; Clarisse Baumann; Hakan Cangul; Fatma Cakmak Celik; Canan Aygun; Richard Coward; Carlo Dionisi-Vici; Barbara Sibbles; Carol Inward; Chong Ae Kim; Judith Klumperman; A.S. Knisely; Steven P Watson; Paul Gissen



Nonfasted Liver Stiffness Correlates with Liver Disease Parameters and Portal Hypertension in Pediatric Cholestatic Liver Disease

by Rene Romero; BL Shneider; NP Goodrich; W Ye; C Sawyers; JP Molleston; RM Merion; DH Leung; SJ Karpen; BM Kamath; L Cavallo; K Wang; JH Teckman; JE Squires; SS Sundaram; P Rosenthal; KF Murray; KM Loomes; MK Jensen; JA Bezerra; LM Bass; RJ Sokol; JC Magee



Outcomes of Childhood Cholestasis in Alagille Syndrome: Results of a Multicenter Observational Study

by Rene Romero; BM Kamath; W Ye; NP Goodrich; KM Loomes; JE Heubi; DH Leung; NB Spinner; DA Piccoli; EM Alonso; SL Guthery; SJ Karpen; CL Mack; JP Molleston; KF Murray; P Rosenthal; JE Squires; J Teckman; KS Wang; R Thompson; OC Magee; RJ Sokol



Baseline Analysis of a Young alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency Liver Disease Cohort Reveals Frequent Portal Hypertension

by Jeffrey H. Teckman; Philip Rosenthal; Robert Abel; Lee M. Bass; Sonia Michail; Karen F. Murray; David A. Rudnick; Daniel W. Thomas; Cathie Spino; Ronen Arnon; Paula M. Hertel; James Heubi; Binita M. Kamath; Wikrom Karnsakul; Kathleen M. Loomes; John C. Magee; Jean P. Molleston; Rene Romero; Benjamin L. Shneider; Averell H. Sherker; Ronald J. Sokol



Natural History of NAFLD Diagnosed in Childhood: A Single-Center Study.

by Catherine E. Cioffi; Jean A. Welsh; Rebecca L. Cleeton; Shelley Caltharp; Rene Romero; Mark Wulkan; Juna V. Konomi; Jennifer K. Frediani; Miriam Vos