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Broad Consent for Research With Biological Samples: Workshop Conclusions

by Christine Grady; Lisa Eckstein; Ben Berkman; Dan Brock; Robert Cook-Deegan; Stephanie M. Fullerton; Hank Greely; Mats G. Hansson; Sara Hull; Scott Kim; Bernie Lo; Rebecca Pentz; Laura Rodriguez; Carol Weil; Benjamin S. Wilfond; David Wendler



Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer family members' perceptions about the duty to inform and health professionals' role in disseminating genetic information

by Rebecca Pentz; Susan K. Peterson; Beatty Watts; Sally W. Vernon; Patrick M. Lynch; Laura M. Koehly; Ellen R. Gritz



Evaluation of a decision aid for families considering p53 genetic counseling and testing

by Susan K. Peterson; Rebecca Pentz; Amie M. Blanco; Patricia A. Ward; Betty G. Watts; Salma K. Marani; Leslie James; Louise C. Strong



Shared Decision-Making in Pediatric Allogeneic Blood and Marrow Transplantation: What If There Is No Decision to Make?

by Rebecca Pentz; Wendy Pelletier; Melissa A. Alderfer; Kristin Stegenga; Diane L. Fairclough; Pamela S. Hinds



Patient, Caregiver and Physician Perspectives on Participating in a Thoracic Rapid Tissue Donation Program

by Gwendolyn Quinn; Rebecca Pentz; Teresita Muñoz-Antonia; Theresa A. Boyle; Matthew B. Schabath; Christie Pratt; Andrea Shaffer; Luisa Duarte; Meghan Bowman-Curci; Scott Antonia; Alberto Chiappori; Benjamin Creelan; Jhanelle E. Gray; Charles Williams; Eric Haura



Impact of individual clinical outcomes on trial participants' perspectives on enrollment in emergency research without consent

by Louisa W. Whitesides; Jill M. Baren; Michelle Biros; Ross J. Fleischman; Prasanthi R. Govindarajan; Elizabeth B. Jones; Arthur M. Pancioli; Rebecca Pentz; Victoria M. Scicluna; David W Wright; Neal Dickert Jr