Ruth M Parker MD


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Parent Dosing Tool Use, Beliefs, and Access: A Health Literacy Perspective

by Tiffany A. Williams; Michael S. Wolf; Ruth Parker; Lee M. Sanders; Stacy Bailey; Alan L. Mendelsohn; Benard P. Dreyer; Jessica J. Velazquez; H. Shonna Yin



Web-Based Self-Triage of Influenza-Like Illness During the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic

by Arthur L. Kellermann; Alexander Isakov; Ruth Parker; Michael T. Handrigan; Seth Foldy



Health Literacy and Power

by Michael K. Paasche-Orlow; Dean Schillinger; Barry D. Weiss; Timothy Bickmore; Howard Cabral; Peter Chang; Stacy C. Bailey; Darren A. Dewalt; Alicia Fernandez; Mirjam Fransen; Angela Leung; Kirsten McCaffery; Cathy D. Meade; Lauren A. McCormack; Joanne Protheroe; Ruth Parker; Russell Rothman; Don Rubin; Rima Rudd; Kristine Sørensen; Christian Von Wagner; Michael S. Wolf; H. Shonna Yin; Raymond L. Ownby



Development and Usability Testing of a Web-based COVID-19 Self-triage Platform

by Justin D. Schrager; Keke Schuler; Alexander Isakov; David Wright; Anna Yaffee; Kara L. Jacobson; Ruth Parker; Craig Goolsby



Did you know Medicare does not usually include a dental benefit? Findings from a multisite investigation of oral health literacy

by Mark D. Macek; Kathryn A. Atchison; William Wells; Don Haynes; Ruth M Parker; Haiyan Chen



Measuring conceptual health knowledge in the context of oral health literacy: preliminary results

by Mark D. Macek; Don Haynes; William Wells; Simon Bauer-Leffler; P. Ann Cotten; Ruth Parker



Improving Prescription Drug Warnings to Promote Patient Comprehension

by Michael S. Wolf; Terry C. Davis; Patrick F. Bass; Laura M. Curtis; Lee A. Lindquist; Jennifer A. Webb; Mary V. Bocchini; Stacy Cooper Bailey; Ruth Parker



Effect of Standardized, Patient-Centered Label Instructions to Improve Comprehension of Prescription Drug Use

by Michael S. Wolf; Terry C. Davis; Laura M. Curtis; Jennifer A. Webb; Stacy Cooper Bailey; William H. Shrank; Lee Lindquist; Bernice Ruo; Mary V. Bocchini; Ruth M Parker; Alastair J. J. Wood