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SOM: Neurology: Stroke

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Field Assessment Stroke Triage for Emergency Destination A Simple and Accurate Prehospital Scale to Detect Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes

by Fabricio O. Lima; Gisele S. Silva; Karen L. Furie; Michael Frankel; Michael H. Lev; Érica CS Camargo; Diogo Haussen; Aneesh B. Singhal; Walter J. Koroshetz; Wade S. Smith; Raul Nogueira



Implementation of a patient selection protocol for intra-arterial therapy increases treatment rates in patients with acute ischemic stroke

by Natalia S. Rost; Eric E. Smith; Raul Nogueira; Kaitlin M. Fitzpatrick; Albert J. Yoo; Joshua A. Hirsch; Lee H. Schwamm



Solitaire (TM) with the Intention for Thrombectomy as Primary Endovascular Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke (SWIFT PRIME) trial: protocol for a randomized, controlled, multicenter study comparing the Solitaire revascularization device with IV tPA with IV tPA alone in acute ischemic stroke

by Jeffrey L. Saver; Mayank Goyal; Alain Bonafe; Hans-Christoph Diener; Elad I. Levy; Vitor M. Pereira; Gregory W. Albers; Christophe Cognard; David J. Cohen; Werner Hacke; Olav Jansen; Tudor G. Jovin; Hein Mattle; Raul Nogueira; Adnan Siddiqui; Dileep R. Yavagal; Thomas G. Devlin; Demetrius K. Lopes; Vivek Reddy; Richard du Mesnil de Rochemont; Reza Jahan



The THRIVE score strongly predicts outcomes in patients treated with the Solitaire device in the SWIFT and STAR trials

by Alexander C. Flint; Sean P. Cullen; Vivek A. Rao; Bonnie S. Faigeles; Vitor M. Pereira; Elad I. Levy; Tudor G. Jovin; David S. Liebeskind; Raul Gomes Nogueira; Reza Jahan; Jeffrey L. Saver



Posttreatment Variables Improve Outcome Prediction after Intra-Arterial Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke

by Shyam Prabhakaran; Tudor G. Jovin; Ashis H. Tayal; Muhammad S. Hussain; Thanh N. Nguyen; Kevin N. Sheth; John B. Terry; Raul Gomes Nogueira; Anat Horev; Dheeraj Gandhi; Dolora Wisco; Brenda A. Glenn; Bryan Ludwig; Paul F. Clemmons; Carolyn A. Cronin; Melissa Tian; David Liebeskind; Osama O. Zaidat; Alicia C. Castonguay; Coleman Martin; Nils Mueller-Kronast; Joey D. English; Italo Linfante; Timothy W. Malisch; Rishi Gupta



International survey of acute Stroke imaging used to make revascularization treatment decisions

by Max Wintermark; Marie Luby; Natan M. Bornstein; Andrew Demchuk; Jens Fiehler; Kohsuke Kudo; Kennedy R. Lees; David S. Liebeskind; Patrik Michel; Raul Nogueira; Mark W. Parsons; Makoto Sasaki; Joanna M. Wardlaw; Ona Wu; Weiwei Zhang; Guangming Zhu; Steven J. Warach



Impact of Anesthetic Management on Safety and Outcomes Following Mechanical Thrombectomy for Ischemic Stroke in SWIFT PRIME Cohort

by Omer F. Eker; Jeffrey L. Saver; Mayank Goyal; Reza Jahan; Elad I. Levy; Raul Nogueira; Dileep R. Yavagal; Alain Bonafe



Time From Imaging to Endovascular Reperfusion Predicts Outcome in Acute Stroke

by Jenny P. Tsai; Michael Mlynash; Soren Christensen; Stephanie Kemp; Sun Kim; Nishant Mishra; Christian Federau; Raul Nogueira; Tudor Jovin; Thomas G. Devlin; Naveed Akhtar; Dileep R. Yavagal; Roland Bammer; Matus Straka; Gregory Zaharchuk; Michael P. Marks; Gregory W. Albers; Maarten G. Lansberg



Time to Endovascular Reperfusion and Degree of Disability in Acute Stroke

by Sunil A. Sheth; Reza Jahan; Jan Gralla; Vitor M. Pereira; Raul Nogueira; Elad I. Levy; Osama O. Zaidat; Jeffrey L. Saver