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An Efficient Design Strategy for Logistic Regression Using Outcome- and Covariate-Dependent Pooling of Biospecimens Prior to Assay

by Robert Lyles; Emily M. Mitchell; Clarice R. Weinberg; David M. Umbach; Enrique F. Schisterman



Novel application of one-step pooled molecular testing and maximum likelihood approaches to estimate the prevalence of malaria parasitaemia among rapid diagnostic test negative samples in western Kenya

by Monica P Shah; Winnie Chebore; Robert Lyles; Kephas Otieno; Zhiyong Zhou; Mateusz Plucinski; Lance Waller; Wycliffe Odongo; Kim A Lindblade; Simon Kariuki; Aaron M Samuels; Meghna Desai; Rebecca Mitchell; Ya Ping Shi



Assortativity coefficient-based estimation of population patterns of sexual mixing when cluster size is informative

by Siobhan K Young; Robert Lyles; Lawrence L Kupper; Jessica R Keys; Sandra L Martin; Elizabeth C Costenbader



Logistic regression with a continuous exposure measured in pools and subject to errors

by Dane R. Van Domelen; Emily M. Mitchell; Neil J. Perkins; Enrique F. Schisterman; Amita Manatunga; Yijian Huang; Robert Lyles