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ECAS: Biology

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Arc/Arg3.1 mRNA expression reveals a sub-cellular trace of prior sound exposure in adult primary auditory cortex

by Tamara Ivanova; Andrew Matthews; Christina Gross; Rudolph C. Mappus; Clare Gollnick; Andrew M. Swanson; Gary Bassell; Robert C Liu



An Scn1a epilepsy mutation in Scn8a alters seizure susceptibility and behavior

by Christopher D. Makinson; Karoni Dutt; Frank Lin; Ligia A. Papale; Anupama Shankar; Arthur J. Barela; Robert C Liu; Alan L. Goldin; Andrew Escayg



Dynamic corticostriatal activity biases social bonding in monogamous female prairie voles

by Elizabeth A. Amadei; Zachary V. Johnson; Yong Jun Kwon; Aaron C. Shpiner; Varun Saravanan; Wittney D. Mays; Steven J. Ryan; Hasse Walum; Donald Rainnie; Larry J Young; Robert C Liu



An Overrepresentation of High Frequencies in the Mouse Inferior Colliculus Supports the Processing of Ultrasonic Vocalizations

by Jose A. Garcia-Lazaro; Kathryn N. Shepard; Jason A. Miranda; Robert Liu; Nicholas A. Lesica



Inhibitory synaptic plasticity: spike timing-dependence and putative network function

by T.P Vogels; R.C Froemke; N. Doyon; M. Gilson; J.S Haas; Robert C Liu; A. Maffei; P. Miller; C.J Wierenga; M.A Woodin; F. Zenke; H. Sprekeler



Familiarity with social sounds alters c-Fos expression in auditory cortex and interacts with estradiol in locus coeruleus

by Amielle Moreno; Ankita Gumaste; Geoff K Adams; Kelly K Chong; Michael Nguyen; Kathryn N Shepard; Robert Liu