Rachel Linnemann


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Sphingolipid metabolism potential in fecal microbiome and bronchiolitis in infants: A case-control study

by Kohei Hasegawa; Christopher J. Stewart; Jonathan M. Mansbach; Rachel Linnemann; Nadim J. Ajami; Joseph F. Petrosino; Carlos A. Camargo



Safety and Efficacy of Elexacaftor/Tezacaftor/Ivacaftor for 24 Weeks or Longer in People with Cystic Fibrosis and One or More F508del Alleles: Interim Results of an Open-Label Phase 3 Clinical Trial

by Matthias Griese; Stefano Costa; Rachel Linnemann; Marcus Mall; Edward F. McKone; Deepika Polineni; Bradley S. Quon; Felix C. Ringshausen; Jennifer L. Taylor-Cousar; Nicholas J. Withers; Samuel M. Moskowitz; Cori L. Daines



Nasal Airway Microbiota Profile and Severe Bronchiolitis in Infants A Case-control Study

by Kohei Hasegawa; Rachel Linnemann; Jonathan M. Mansbach; Nadim J. Ajami; Janice A. Espinola; Joseph F. Petrosino; Pedro A. Piedra; Michelle D. Stevenson; Ashley F. Sullivan; Amy D. Thompson; Carlos A. Camargo



Association of household siblings with nasal and fecal microbiota in infants

by Kohei Hasegawa; Rachel W. Linnemann; Jonathan M. Mansbach; Nadim Ajami; Janice A. Espinola; Lauren G. Fiechtner; Joseh F. Petrosino; Carlos A. Camargo



Maternal Fish Consumption in Pregnancy Is Associated with a Bifidobacterium-Dominant Microbiome Profile in Infants

by Meg Simione; Stephanie G. Harshman; Ines Castro; Rachel Linnemann; Brianna Roche; Nadim J. Ajami; Joseph F. Petrosino; Benedetta Raspini; Sandra Portale; Carlos A. Camargo; Elsie M. Taveras; Kohei Hasegawa; Lauren Fiechtner