Robert Lederman


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Transcatheter Myotomy to Relieve Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction: The Septal Scoring Along the Midline Endocardium Procedure in Animals

by Vasilis Babaliaros; Robert Guyton; Robert Lederman; Adam Greenbaum; JM Khan; CG Bruce; AE Jaimes; WH Schenke; R Ramasawmy; F Seemann; DA Herzka; T Rogers; MA Eckhaus; A Campbell-Washburn



Transcaval Versus Transaxillary TAVR in Contemporary Practice A Propensity-Weighted Analysis

by Vasilis Babaliaros; Robert Lederman; Adam Greenbaum; John Lisko; T Rogers; P Mahoney; JR Foerst; JP Depta; KI Muhammad; JM McCabe; A Pop; JM Khan; CG Bruce; GA Medranda; JW Wei; JN Binongo



Use of Electrosurgery in Interventional Cardiology

by Jaffar M Khan; Toby Rogers; Adam Greenbaum; Vasilis Babaliaros; Christopher G Bruce; Robert Lederman



Assessing the Hemodynamic Impact of Anterior Leaflet Laceration in Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement: An in silico Study

by Keshav Kohli; Zhenglun A Wei; Vahid Sadri; Andrew W Siefert; Philipp Blanke; Emily Perdoncin; Adam Greenbaum; Jaffar M Khan; Robert Lederman; Vasilis Babaliaros; Ajit Yoganathan; John Oshinski