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Don’t forget about human factors: Lessons learned from COVID-19 point-of-care testing

by Sarah Farmer; Victoria Razin; Amanda Foster Peagler; Samantha Strickler; W. Bradley Fain; Gregory L. Damhorst; Russell Kempker; Nira R. Pollock; Oliver Brand; Brooke Seitter; Stacy Heilman; Eric Nehl; Joshua Levy; David S. Gottfried; Gregory Martin; Morgan Greenleaf; David N. Ku; Jesse Waggoner; Elizabeth Iffrig; Robert Mannino; Yun Wang; Eric Ortlund; Julie Sullivan; Paulina Rebolledo; Viviana Claveria; John Roback; MacArthur Benoit; Cheryl Stone; Annette Esper; Filipp Frank; Wilbur Lam



Developing customized stepwise MIRU-VNTR typing for tuberculosis surveillance in Georgia

by Henry Blumberg; Russell Kempker; N Maghradze; L Jugheli; S Borrell; N Tukvadze; S Gagneux



TB research amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

by Henry Blumberg; Russell Kempker; Daniel Graciaa; E Sanikidze; S Tukvadze; L Mikiashvili; R Aspindzelashvili; D Alkhazashvili; Z Avaliani; N Tukvadze



Prevalence and Incidence of Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Georgian Healthcare Workers

by Jennifer A. Whitaker; Veriko Mirtskhulava; Maia Kipiani; Drew A. Harris; Nino Tabagari; Russell Kempker; Henry Blumberg



Challenges Across the HIV Care Continuum for Patients With HIV/1 TB Co-infection in Atlanta, GA.

by Marcos C. Schechter; Destani Bizune; Michelle Kagei; David P. Holland; Carlos Del Rio; Aliya Yamin; Omar Mohamed; Alawode Oladele; Yun F (Wayne) Wang; Paulina A. Rebolledo; Susan M. Ray; Russell Ryan Kempker



The RADx Tech Test Verification Core and the ACME POCT in the Evaluation of COVID-19 Testing Devices: A Model for Progress and Change

by Gregory Martin; Leda Bassit; Annette Esper; Beverly Rogers; Yun Wang; John Roback; Andrew Neish; Russell Kempker; Robert Jerris; Ann Chahroudi; Sunita Park; Raymond Schinazi; Eric Nehl; Traci Leong; Miriam Vos; Paulina Rebolledo; Maud Mavigner; Jessica Ingersoll; Claudia Morris; Stacy Heilman; Mark Griffiths; Anuradha Rao; Joshua Levy; Christopher Porter; Christina Rostad; Mark Gonzalez; Jennifer Frediani; Narayanaiah Cheedarla; Robert Mannino; Wilbur Lam; D Ku; D Gottfried; S Farmer; E Tyburski; J Sullivan; A Suessmith; J Figueroa; A Wood; N Schoof; K Herzegh; N Saakadze; B Hanberry; P McGuinness; F Balagadde; R Gore; A Koren; N Pollock; K Simin; N Hafer; MA Picard; C Ghezzi; D McManus; B Buchholz; V Claveria; T Ramachandra; C Washington; C Stone; O Brand



Genomic analyses of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from human lung resections reveal a high frequency of polyclonal infections

by Russell Kempker; M Moreno-Molina; N Shubladze; I Khurtsilava; Z Avaliani; N Bablishvili; M Torres-Puente; L Villamayor; A Gabrielian; A Rosenthal; C Vilaplana; S Gagneux; S Vashakidze; I Comas