Rajit Basu


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Acute Kidney Injury and Fluid Overload in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

by Michael A. Carlisle; Danielle E. Soranno; Rajit Basu; Katja M. Gist



Assessment of Worldwide Acute Kidney Injury, Renal Angina and Epidemiology in Critically Ill Children (AWARE): study protocol for a prospective observational study

by Rajit Basu; Ahmad Kaddourah; Tara Terrell; Theresa Mottes; Patricia Arnold; Judd Jacobs; Jennifer Andringa; Stuart L. Goldstein; Matthew L Paden



Fluid overload and fluid removal in pediatric patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation requiring continuous renal replacement therapy: a multicenter retrospective cohort study

by Matthew Paden; Rajit Basu; SM Gorga; RD Sahay; DJ Askenazi; BC Bridges; DS Cooper; M Zappitelli; KM Gist; J Gien; JG Jetton; HJ Murphy; E King; GM Fleming; DT Selewski



Survey of Current Practices of Outpatient Hemodialysis for AKI Patients

by Victor Ortiz-Soriano; Catherine R. Butler; Marla Levy; Sarah C. Huen; Jorge L. Castaneda; Ankit Sakhuja; Rajit Basu; Kathleen D. Liu; Jorge Cerda; Javier A. Neyra



Clinical phenotypes of acute kidney injury are associated with unique outcomes in critically ill septic children

by Rajit Basu; R Hackbarth; S Gillespie; A Akcan-Arikan; P Brophy; S Bagshaw; R Alobaidi; SL Goldstein



Recalibration of the Renal Angina Index for Pediatric Septic Shock

by Natalja Stanski; Hector R Wong; Rajit Basu; Natalie Z. Cvijanovich; Julie C. Fitzgerald; Scott L. Weiss; Michael T. Bigham; Parag N. Jain; Adam Schwarz; Riad Lutfi; Jeffrey Nowak; Geoffrey Allen; Neal J. Thomas; Jocelyn Grunwell; Michael Quasney; Bereketeab Haileselassie; Lakhmir S. Chawla; Stuart L. Goldstein