Rubina Imtiaz


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COVID-19 in the least developed, fragile, and conflict-affected countries — How can the most vulnerable be protected?

by Shahul H. Ebrahim; Ernesto Gozzer; Yusuf Ahmed; Rubina Imtiaz; John Ditekemena; N. M. Mujeeb Rahman; Patricia Schlagenhauf; Saleh A. Alqahtani; Ziad Memish



Challenges and opportunities for control and elimination of soil-transmitted helminth infection beyond 2020

by Matthew Freeman; Oladele Akogun; Vicente Belizario,Jr; Simon J. Brooker; Theresa W. Gyorkos; Rubina Imtiaz; Alejandro Krolewiecki; Seung Lee; Sultani H. Matendechero; Rachel L. Pullan; Jurg Utzinger



All Hands on Deck: A synchronized whole-of-world approach for COVID-19 mitigation

by Shahul H. Ebrahim; Jiatong Zhuo; Ernesto Gozzer; Qanta A. Ahmed; Rubina Imtiaz; Yusuf Ahmed; Seydou Doumbia; N. M. Mujeeb Rahman; Habida Elachola; A. Wilder-Smith; Ziad Memish



Toward the 2020 goal of soil-transmitted helminthiasis control and elimination

by Soren L. Becker; Harvy Joy Liwanag; Jedidiah S. Snyder; Oladele Akogun; Vicente Belizario., Jr; Matthew Freeman; Theresa W. Gyorkos; Rubina Imtiaz; Jennifer Keiser; Alejandro Krolewiecki; Bruno Levecke; Charles Mwandawiro; Rachel L. Pullan; David G. Addiss; Jurg Utzinger