Ryan Purcell


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High level of complexity and global diversity of the 3q29 locus revealed by optical mapping and long-read sequencing

by Feyza Yilmaz; Umamaheswaran Gurusamy; Trenell J Mosley; Pille Hallast; Kwondo Kim; Yulia Mostovoy; Ryan Purcell; Tamim H Shaikh; Michael Zwick; Pui-Yan Kwok; Charles Lee; Jennifer Mulle



Harnessing rare variants in neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopment disorders-a Keystone Symposia report

by Jennifer Cable; Ryan Purcell; Elise Robinson; Jacob AS Vorstman; Wendy K Chung; John Constantino; Stephan J Sanders; Mustafa Sahin; Ricardo E Dolmetsch; Bina M Shah; Audrey Thurm; Christa L Martin; Carrie E Bearden; Jennifer Mulle




Chimeric Peptide Species Contribute to Divergent Dipeptide Repeat Pathology in c9ALS/FTD and SCA36

by Zachary McEachin; Tania F Gendron; Nisha Raj; María García-Murias; Anwesha Banerjee; Ryan Purcell; Patricia Ward; Tiffany W Todd; Megan E Merritt-Garza; Karen Jansen-West; Chadwick Hales; Tania García-Sobrino; Beatriz Quintáns; Christopher J Holler; Georgia Taylor; Beatriz San Millán; Susana Teijeira; Toru Yamashita; Ryuichi Ohkubo; Nicholas Boulis; Chongchong Xu; Zhexing Wen; Nathalie Streichenberger; Brent L Fogel; Thomas Kukar; Koji Abe; Dennis W Dickson; Manuel Arias; Jonathan Glass; Jie Jiang; MariadeLourdes Tansey; María-Jesús Sobrido; Leonard Petrucelli; Wilfried Rossoll; Gary Bassell