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The BAI subfamily of adhesion GPCRs: synaptic regulation and beyond

by Jason R. Stephenson; Ryan H. Purcell; Randy Hall



Endothelial cell specific adhesion molecule (ESAM) localizes to platelet-platelet contacts and regulates thrombus formation in vivo

by T.J. Stalker; J. Wu; A. Morgans; E.A. Traxler; L. Wang; M.S. Chatterjee; D. Lee; T. Quertermous; Randy Hall; D.A. Hammer; S.L. Diamond; L.F. Brass



The expanding functional roles and signaling mechanisms of adhesion G protein-coupled receptors

by Erwin Van Meir; Randy Hall; RK Morgan; GR Anderson; D Arac; G Aust; N Balenga; A Boucard; JP Bridges; FB Engel; CJ Formstone; MD Glitsch; RS Gray; C-C Hsiao; H-Y Kim; AB Knierim; DK Kusuluri; K Leon; I Liebscher; X Piao; S Proemel; N Scholz; S Srivastava; D Thor; KF Tolias; YA Ushkaryov; M Vallon; B Vanhollebeke; U Wolfrum; KM Wright; KR Monk; A Mogha



Ultrastructural localization of DREADDs in monkeys

by Adriana Galvan; Jessica Raper; Xing Hu; Jean-Francois Pare; Jordi Bonaventura; Christopher T. Richie; Michael Michaelides; Sascha A. L. Mueller; Patrick H. Roseboom; Jonathan A. Oler; Ned H. Kalin; Randy Hall; Yoland Smith



Brain-specific Angiogenesis Inhibitor-1 Signaling, Regulation, and Enrichment in the Postsynaptic Density

by Jason R. Stephenson; Kevin J. Paavola; Stacy A. Schaefer; Balveen Kaur; Erwin Van Meir; Randy A Hall



Extracellular Calcium Modulates Actions of Orthosteric and Allosteric Ligands on Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 1 alpha

by Jason Y. Jiang; Mulpuri Nagaraju; Rebecca C. Meyer; Li Zhang; Donald Hamelberg; Randy Hall; Edward M. Brown; P. Jeffrey Conn; Jenny J. Yang



The PDZ scaffold NHERF-2 interacts with mGluR5 and regulates receptor activity

by Maryse Paquet; Matthew J. Asay; Sami R. Fam; Hiroyuki Inuzuka; Amanda M. Castleberry; Heide Oller; Yoland Smith; Chris Yun; Stephen Traynelis; Randy Hall